Thursday, September 14, 2017


american organization of disgusting people is a grassroots, spiritually grounded organization  of disgusting people.

we are looking for a country--a people without a land for a land without a people. i think usa, europe n and s america, africa, asia and australia seem good canddidates.  antarctica already is filled up with penguins. the rest is uninhabited and civilized (same thing--oxymoron)..

dave ziron (of ISO, and its grassroots poverty stricken magazine the Nation--live in the ghettos of the upper west side NYC) is our spokesman of th minute. He's defending the right of an NFL player to not be assaulted due to racism in Las Vegas by cops---probably was racism, but somebody shot someone so who did that?  Why is anybody in Las Vegas or in he NFL anyway? Casinos, plus brain  damage.

He is suing the cops---probably on good reasons---they picked him out.  Shoodah shut down las vegas before it started.   He said when pinned down he was thinking he's not going to see his baby again. Traumatized.

Also he was crying like a baby since he wouldn't be able to spend that 28.5  million dollars in 4  years--16 million $ guaranteed.

Friday, September 08, 2017

The One True Facts for Today.

(note that there cant be one 'facts' --there could be one true fact, but that is about as likely as throwing a dart at the real numberline and hitting a rational number.)

see arxiv org 1709.02256  also   1709.02360

Thursday, September 07, 2017

GOOD NEWS!!! bad news , old news, used news, and all the abused news you can use.  has recently been rated the #1  (and also #13th) best source for bad and fake news.  

 Like Regnry we asked that the NYT's no longer put us on their bestseller list---we can do that ourselves. (I hired dave chappelle to make up the numbers.)

Why is bad fake news so popular these days? Because most news is bad news---so we don't want to hear about it.  Also the bad news is very low quality--probably due to the fact (or alt-fact) that most journalists (like educators) trained at place like Columbia Journalism school to be 'objective and unbiased'---see the world from the perspective of a rock --'just the facts ma'am'.  Also as part of the curriculum they have to show they are as dumb as rocks. (They get tested ion this everyday---make sure they are at the top of their game, and stil dumb as rocks.)

There's no high quality  bad news anymore. You have things like a hurricane and a flood in Texas---that aint nothing. If its good bad news then you dont see no cars being swept down the street--you see skyscrapers and University of Texas being swept down,  and the Dallas Cowboys standing on the roofs pleading for help--also threatening---dont mess with Texas. The Bush family taking their helicopter to the shopping mall to play miniature golf---but water was so deep their helicopter couldnt make it so they had to tun back.  Helicopter blades dont work well when you start at 665 below surface of the creek.

Cowboys are  going for a little cruise in the gulf of mexico. See if they can find any (Taino) indians to play a game with.   possibly something everyone should know.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Truth, Mindfulness, and Paranoid Delusions.

In my email box I get many messages about truth and mindfulness. All through written media there are also discussions of true vs. fake news, the value of meditation and yoga and so on.

I tend to be somewhat paranoid. (And I may have a few good reasons for this---sometimes I have bad dreams and nitemares, but sometimes these can become true if you live in an area with a fairly high crime rate).

So when i hear people tell me to practice  'mindfulness' i sometimes view that as preaching 'mindlessness'---in other words, people tell you 'don't think', just be a dupe, stay passive, don't think critically, and do not criticize or bite the hand that feeds.  All criticism is negative, for example, and be thankful for any blessings you get.   Clear your mind from the clutter of ideas.

When I hear about organizations promoting the truth, and fact based reality, I wonder what they consider to be the truth , and what they consider to be facts. Most people cannot consider all the possible facts in the universe, nor can they agree on what is or may be the truth.   (A PhD economist recently was writing on how actually all of modern science is based on the Koran.)

There are 'alternate realities', alternative facts, multiverses (as opposed to universes)  , many minds and many delusions. It all can lead to  states of confusion--mentally and internationally.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Every day is every day (almost got killed today)

I walked down the park, saw me a blackpoll warbler
On migration , heading for canada
didnt see my snapping turtles or water snakes
went  into the creek tried to turn it into a small lake

coming back after dark
i see people coming down
figured it was just late nite hikers
but then i noticed there was some sort of weird reaction

one person said yes, the other person said no
so i passed em by and they let me go
5 police cars parked on the street
i dont think this was a meet and greet

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Peanut Butter Boy

I'm told

'every normal boy loves peanut butter, so we are making you a peanut  butter sandwich,
its healthy food and good for you.
Don't waste it either--it costs money, and we dont want to waste food'.

(I hear maybe 1/3 of all food in USA ends up in the trash,
so conscious people are trying to stop making the economy crash).
i like the peanut butter sandwich ; maybe have another one.
makes me feel great--alot of energy.
maybe some synergy---1 person + 1 sandwich >>2.

Next day, i'm sick as a dog
Want to sleep on the ground like a dead log.
Finally get up, find something to do
Maybe learn how to program in GNU

And later get a snack
A peanut butter sandwich
all expenses paid

Same thing happens again.
Energy in motion
like an absolute notion
till you can't get up
and people ask 'where you been?'

you hungry? want a peanut butter sandwich?'

 I say i don't , they taste good but make me sick

So i'm told 'you must be sick'
Every normal person loves peanut butter sandwiches
Except maybe witches, ho's and bitches
People possessed by the devil
Or mentally ill

But we can cure u.
One can get therapy
Causes synergy
The sicker you get
The more money we get.

One day when we find a cure
You can eat peanut butter all day for sure
If you don't survive , the next generation will--
so you may be more useful dead than alive.

One day it may be possible
to let you choose what to eat
'wanna try meat?'
Maybe a big Mac or Windows 10
An Apple computer
so you don't become a looter
or end up like Lor Scooter
(shot dead in the street
after a 'meet and greet'
and a little speech
at a peace rally
--similar to a food allergy ).

In 20 years if that don't work
you can try a vegetable dish
or go outside and catch a fish.

But not today
You have to pay your way
And do it my way
Since we know what is best for you
Everyone must sacrifice
even if some  lose their life

for the greater good
its group selection
a dead log has alot of wood
burn it up and win an election



Friday, February 17, 2017

(From) Path to Platform

I went to a 'path to platform' meeting last night.
Small crowd, cookies provided. (I had one, though i rarely eat them for  health reasons---sugar).

This was an informational discussion  about membership in the 'ethical society' --a sort of church, associated with unitarian universalists (UU), but one that admits people of any religious faith, or none at all, or undecided (agnostic).

A large part of discussion (about 2 hours) was the history of the ethical society. It was founded in 1800's by  Felix Adler.  (I had heard of Mortimer Adler, founder of great books program at U Chicago, and a free university in NY public library in 1920's--mostly for poor people , and many immigrants, who couldn't afford going to a university. That free university actually had courses at any level, including ones similar to those at the most elite grad schools---Einstein's theory of relativity, for example. Felix seems to be unrelated to Mortimer).

There is a somewhat large and complex history of the ethical society---there are only 24 congregations in the USA. The one I was at is the only one which is affiliated with UU---which i think has iver 1000.    The one basic principle they seem to have is 'belief in the intrinsic worth of all people'.   They are what would be termed liberal or progressive, and they support many of current 'hot issues' such as Black Lives Matter movement, womyn, immigrant, indigenous people's and gay rights, and 'green' or environmental values (eg how to deal with anthropogenic global warming, and support for Sioux indians fighting DAPL---dakota access (oil) pipeline).

They also discussed the challenges they face, and various programs they offer. Some challenges include maintaining a congregation (though they seem to be doing fine on this issue) and financing their operations (which they partly do by renting their space to other groups with related principles---AA groups, immigrant groups, other faith groups which don't have a building to meet in, day care centers etc.) .  Anyone can attend their 'platform services' (the term they use for their variant of a Sunday morning church service), but some of their financing comes from donations (eg tithes) at the service (any amount) and also if people become members, some sort of financial commitment , but on a sliding scale---what  people can afford.  (Some of their contributions are allocated to programs they support---for homeless people, victims of violence, etc.)

The minister (female) leading the discussion also took us on a tour of their place---quite extensive. They have classrooms, libraries, kitchens, playgrounds, everything.

 She  also asked each participant in the group to 'talk to your neighbor at the table'. My neighbor was from Baltimore, so we shared notes since I've been there a few times. (I once walked from Morgan State U all the way downtown to the bus/train station through Herring run park---first half was no trails---had to walk  in the creek, but it was 90 degrees so that was good. Found a den of wild foxes too. About an 8 mile walk----half in the city---lots of boarded up buildings and heroin addicts, but nobody messed with me--some actually laughed since i was wet and rumpled after my walk along herring run).    Interestingly the term 'gangsta rap' came up---partly because there is alot of that in Baltimore, some of which I am familiar with. My neighbor and I shared  an interest in that--i like the music, but the lyrics are problematic.

She also asked us to write down how we came to be at the path to platform meeting and the ethical society.   I actually didn't quite get what she was asking. I figured she was saying just write something,  which i did. (They provided pencil  and paper, and actually, usually i doodle during meetings.) My path to ethical society  included that I'd been there in the 70's for something I don't remember apart from the building, and had been there for a WPFW radio meeting before, and then learned of a science book club there which was discussing a book by Brian Goodwin which is a sort of classic (its based on Alan Turing's mathematical model of biological morphogenesis). I missed that meeting but caught some others on evolutionary theory.

I wrote down what I could remember at the time of some basic science equations---Shrodinger's and Heisenberg's equations of quantum theory,  a little special relativity, and statistical mechanics (Boltzmann's distribution) and Cantor's theorem in math, . (I would have included some ones from populations genetics and ecology if i had thought of  it.) I also did a picture of 'casper the ghost' and 'the scream' by E Munch (a painting that sold for millions$)..

Then I walked home, and maybe did a bad thing. As usual about 2 am i get a phone call from someone asking if they can sleep there. I was asleep and didnt answer the phone. I had told the person that he could sleep on my floor occassionaly but not when I am busy. If he sleeps here, he may sleep all day, and when I'm asleep use my kitchen and food, and once my computer---which he basically destroyed.    He knows alot of people around here, has family in DC, but basically they don't let him stay with them.  He can get to a shelter anytime but prefers my area since he has a drug habit and dealers are close.   He has a few odd jobs around here but I think mostly spends time hanging out  with friends, and then shows up here at midnite or later and wants inside.

Also, I've slept outside in cold weather and snow so many times in DC (and i've been 'homeless' in Egypt, Mexico, India, Alaska and all over the USA so much that i don't have alot of respect for people who can't sleep outside, especially when they have been on the street for years and spend most of their time looking for people who will help them out unconditionally--I'm always told 'its better to give than receive' but people saying that give very little and just receive, sometimes quite alot)  .

I do think all people have some intrinsic worth, but they also have to respect others. My 'worth' includes my computer--alot of work I had on that--and peace of mind, and sleep. . If you lose that, your worth goes towards nothing.)

Today I remembered another way I got into 'ethics'. Its a term in moral philosophy. The best book on that was Ethics:Origin and Development by anarchist P Kropotkin , from 1920 or so. Its very outdated but still quite interesting. Philosophers like Rawls, Nozick, Parfit, also discuss ethics, or justice---a related term  (typically from an ivory tower--its easy to argue for say 'open borders' when you have a door you can lock and close).

While walking back from ethical society, I was thinking about 'path integrals' (a mathematical term due to Richard Feynman in physics). That is one more equation I would have written down. It includes both classical, quantum and stochastic dynamics.