Thursday, July 30, 2020

Notes on Ecological Economics: Brian Czech's 'Trophic Theory of Money', Degrowth, Green Growth and More.

This note will mainly point out the equivalence of many different theories or terms used by different people writing on economics , and also point out a few areas where they they have vague definitions
which lead to confusion, and also where many of them are basically incomplete and innapplicable to real ecological economic systems.

 Brian Czech, of 'steady state economics' who advocates a 'tropic theory of money' (TTM).

TTM is basically equivalent formally to Marx's Labor theory of Value (LTV), and both are variants of various 'energy theories of value' such as 'embodied energy' (used by people who account for energy use in society) ,  'exergy' (used by R Ayres)   

How many people use different terms for the same theory? Many. 

labor theory of value

trophic level


embodied energy

Income and wealth as proxies for trophic level

MMT (modern monetary theory), 'econophysics', 'negative probability', SED.   more equivalents.   

'Green growth ' can mean two things----it can mean the form due to H Daly which measures growth using an indicator called ISEW (see Wikipedia) , which is related to others such GPI, GNH, GSP, etc---or more usually refers to hi-tech developmnt  which increases GDP but is less reosurce intensive than low tech versions. 

   The standard formalization of this is the 'environmental Kuznets curve'. 

Some people (eg Nordhaus, grad students at Columbia who had some association wuith Stuiglitz, et.c) spend alot of time with some medium technically difficulty math calculating the 'discount factor'---eg can I put off the end of my life or the end of the world say 5 more days by not buying 2 beer at the local bar?  If I buy just one do i get 10 more days?  

Carbon and resource taxes, income, negative income and wealth taxes, tobin taxes, pigou taxes , are more redundant terms. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Friday, June 19, 2020

Neuroscience, Social Structure and Mental Health

For the first time in History these 3 terms  occured in the the same title.    Herstory may have a different version.  (see Big Sean 'bird brain'---'i don't give a  number or letter about you'. 

Related :

J . Cowan 


Paul Erdos (graph theorist and meth addict)    (blogger, engineer, empathy and duffing's equation)   

psychedelic society ----  form factor

medium ----hopfield:  shallow and deep valleys  and  flat earths

entropic brain   carhart-hass david nutt

     friston ?  free energy/entropy functional 

    2014 frontiers in human neuroscience

grinspoon, psychedelics, cannabis,  crackspoons and SETIs  

Keep Your Eyes Wide Shut On the Price

Double Blind
Sex Harrassement
Media   grandfather of TS Eliot and Ezra Pound who also starred in Shirley Jacson's cute movie  'the lottery' (where to celebrate the planting season on the farm, she was stoned to death ). 

Shoveler Ducks and Luna Moths made guest appearences.  

The Stupidity That Stupidity Produced     (IQ)^2 = S = Stupidity.   S =Z^(-1/2)   S/Z =69.   9=6^-1.   

A minute of mindlessness + 2 minutes of hate = A Partnership Economy beyond Socialism, Capitalism, CLR James and the Jacobins.

 (Add a few 'bernie bro's ' for a special sauce.  Add some chalice and blades and you get the Carmel Sauce for your ice cream man down at Big Sur.)       

COVID 19 just turned 20!!! 'happy birthday to you!'

Monday, June 15, 2020

Economic Roundup

1. Economics of media. 

 How many books do we need, should be read, should be written, and how much they cost, how much pay for writing them?

I sometimes think there are way too many people writing books  rather than reading them.  Its an industry and encouraged---eg by Amazon.    How many have value? Probably less than thought. Though some people write for entertainment.     

  Ditto for the other media--blogs, radio, TV, Movies.... 

2. Mindfullnesss. 

A claim on sputnik radio was that studies show people spend half their time thinking the future and past rather than what they should be doing at the present time.

   The implication was this is not a valuable use of time.   

    I wonder if this includes taking history classes or writing history books. 

3. Are Pareto laws universal (80/20 law) ?    What does imply for the Gini coefficient?  How does the Hoover or robin hood index distribution compare?

80-% of Covid cases in Hong Kong were due to 20% of the people.

Matthew Scott of Sandford economics disusses related ideas for political power.    gini gioes from zero to 1 so its no 80/20 law.


1. Get a cassette to digital converter

2. get a valid id. 

3. get my free health card. or find the one the one someone says they have which they found downtown. 

4. do the next infnity of things.  maybe try to pay a bill before i get shut down,.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The State of the Union Speech to the Legal Citizens and Illegal Immigrants of the United Estates

Good Mourning.

My Fellow Citizens, Illegals,  Exceptionals , Extraterrestrials, Delusionals, and Deplorables.

Its 2019, so do not demand reperations, repatriation, perspiration, inspiration, or extirpation--but we could probably handle the exterminations.If you have bedbugs in your matress do the hard work and take it out to the trash.

If you need respiration, have asthma, or have poverty allergy you can see common and talib kwali youtube video 'respiration'.

The 3 Kinds of Jobs

Some work with practical ideas---scientists, mathematicians, engineers and designers.

Others work with things --- construction workers, laborers ,  farmers,  IT people.

Others are entertainers----artists, teachers, historians, philosophers, religious people.

In a steady state economy, ideally people contribute as much as they consume.   Its a just, and balanced economy or ecology.   Since nothing is in steady state really, but always evolving, it is a meta-stable state. 

But there is always a job for you if you don't fit in the main 3 jobs.  You could be in a grave in a cemetary.. And people could hire  cab to come and visit you and ask for advice. 

Week in Review (December 2019) : Steven Pinker, Noam Chomsky, Jordan Peterson, Gun Violence, and Old White Males

The best way to get an accurate understanding of reality is to  choose one TV news show (Fox, CNN, etc.) watch it, record it, and then watch it again 1000 times while taking notes. 

 Then, memorize the notes.   Then , rewrite the notes, call up your agent ,  and release them as book and plan a speaking tour based on what you remember from your notes.

This will be a 'fair and balanced' presentation of facts .

Sunday, August 18, 2019

What I Did After Winning The Election

Thanks to my loyal supporters, who are now my constituents, I won the election based on the issues.   Now they are my employers, and I only here to serve them.  I'm the people's servant.

So to serve them better, after winning the election,  I made a decision to start acting immediately,  but since you can onlywork on one issue at a time I had to choose one.  The issue I chose to work on was  to begin my  re-election campaign immediately. 

Thursday, June 06, 2019

The Book Review Section

Like many popular newsites, AOC has a book review section.

We changed the name to the Book review section, because it turns out there are no more books worth reviewing, except for the Book--my book, which hasn't been written yet.  I plan to write it as soon as it makes best seller list and i get paid in full.

Maybe I'll serialize it.  I'll write 1 letter/week.  Go from abc to d and then z. Go from there to ZFC.

Plastic Trash, Plastic People, and the Planetary Improvement Movement. (PTPPPI(B)M).

Scientists recently discovered there was piece of plastic trash in the ocean---they were fishing after a hard day's night of work , and the fish they caught (actually a whale, but that was by MisSteak ) had a plastic bag on its face---perhaps a new fashion style.

The prominent genius Sam Harris did studies which were replicated with dead salmons (highly empathetic ) and the dead whale was likely empathetic and fashion conscious, if animals have consciousness.  Chomsky says they do not---you only get conscious or woke after you have tenure at mit.

But they decided to call  the plastic bag  Pollution.

If you take a walk down to the creek around here , they will find 100s if not 1000s of plastic bottles in the creek---these are what people buy to get clean water to drink.  I just get my water from a tap, and i also know some springs where i can get it from the earth. Some people buy these plastic bottled waters  because their water has been cut off. Some use them at work or play. They end up in the creek.

People around here call these plastic bottles Pollution too.  I occassionaly go with a group called 'creek conservancy' which collects all these bottles. Put them in plastic trash bags.

I usually go by myself---there is wayyy more trash than that.

There are many self-improvement, self-help, planet healing, and other books for sale.  These are also coveniant, like bottled water, and not unhealthy in themselves, but they end up in the trash because that is what they are. Another kind of Pollution. 

A form of Pollution-Collusion due to the conspiracy plot--u can map it out, and work it out, and stomp it out.