Friday, February 16, 2018

ACS ( not american chemistry society) 'american center for stupidity'

How much money can we make from Broward Cty Fla?    4  dead in ohio. 17 dead...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Economics of Economics.

Abstract.   'We have solved economics. Support Us--send money'. 

Proof :   https:///

Corrolary: send money to NIH and Philip Morris and opiate manfuacturers and lobbyists and prescribers.

(This is part of the ASII coalition --american society for insanity and inanity.) 
Proof that Arithmatic is Inconsistant. 

Scientific Abstract:  :

      Do not believe the hype. 1+1= -0 not 1+1=2.

Full proof: 

Confirmation of Proof:

Monday, October 02, 2017

Good Morning, America (or Hello, Goodbye)

Here's the News Roundup (ready).

  Roundup ready is a pesticide or herbicide, possibly made by Mansanto.
  They use it up in West Va where i just was.  Quite a trip.
  I hear UK parliament just banned Monsanto lobbyists from being in there---this may be similar to a 'lockout' done by companies who don't want union organizing in their shops. So, they are denying the right of lobbyists to work.  How are these lobbyists going to make a living, say 500G$ /year if they can't talk to someone else's representatives? Its their job. They  produce laws, and roundup ready produces crops.
   Saw some studies (one fairly recent one by a math biologist in the midwest ) that say either pesticides or global warming is leading to major losses in nutrients in crops.

  OJ got out of jail.  I was going to buy some OJ, but instead got some AJ, and apple cider. (I was at my relatives' place and couldnt sleep so i found some apple cider in frig and had some---decided to buy some after i got out of hospital. They took me there since i thought i might have broken my leg in West Va doing something very stupid---running across a rocky creek at night.  It turned out it was just something like a torn ligament, but it did mean i couldnt walk for almost 2 days. Still limping, and wonder if i always will like i always have.)
  Did OJ do it? or LAPD?

  NPR had a sotry on 'youth sports'. Its a multibillion dollar industry.  They interviewed some parents ---some said they were trying to decide whether it was a good idea to spend 10,000$/yr fo sports gear for their kids, or save that for college tuition. Of course the chance is they can get a free ride (scholarship) if the sports works out.
  I hated sports--a few 'bullying' incidents in elementary school  made me decide  to choose hiking instead. Also i get to see the country and didnt quite see the point of running up and down a field for 2 hours. But that may be like alot of math and music ---- i just dont get it.

   Probably that IQ issue. If you have an IQ (something you are born with, or not) then you know making say 30$Million playing a game is smart --- and you can 'give back'--sit on your knee so others can be free, to go to a casino in Reno (or Las Vegas).  Free at last, no money down. Promote science, by donating your brain so someone getting a PhD can study your CTE.

  Over at Sam ('all  new' atheists in old bottles)  there is an amusing 'sh_tfest' about some news story about a judge in France deciding to dismiss rape charges against a 28 year old man involved with an 11 year old girl. Instead of a long term, he just gets 5 years or so for breaking another law. Most of the discussion was about whether this was a 'feminist' issue or an 'egalitarian' or 'human rights' one.

   I was wondering if i should donate to Peurto Rico. On NPR some biologists were down there checking out the 'wreckage' in the forests, and saw after 9 days there is new green stuff coming up.

  Someone writing on Alan Turing discussed some quote of his about consciousness and continuity.  I pointed them to a related discussion   Everything is a limit theorem.

Good Morning America, pt 2.

It may have made it into 40's last nite---thats good news.

I hear some 'fake news' about some shooting in las vegas.

Almost all reasonable people follow John Lott (we are disciples, its our lot --like the bible---language, ontology, topology) so we know that  'more guns, less crime'.  Lott has PhD from UCLA (likely david friedman signed off on that, son of milton, the author) and taught at Yale, U Chicago, U md, etc. Baltimore has had 268 murders this year--proves more guns less crime . WMAL DC off wisconsin ave teaches this.One of most productive businesses in Wash DC---other people are just beurocrats , making money pushing paper---people at WMAL make money--money talks, bs walks.).

They are calling this 'domestic terrorism'--killing 50 people at a country music show.

Actually as reasonable authorites  with Ivy credentials pointed  out this was a 'preventive strike'.  Most of those 'music fans' likely were planning to nuke the USA. 'Country boys will survive' (hank wms jr). Nobody checked those 'country music fans' for nuclear weapons at the door. So one had to do a preventive strike. (Most music shows require you leave your weapons outside---hide em in a trash can or something, dont mess up the fun).

WMAL is now pointing out this shooting was due to abortion, contraception, and lack of religion. Possibly some of those people were using contraception and didnt go to church and give 10% to help pay for church service for the needy---buy the preacher a BMW and vacation trip, and  pay his or her legal bills when sued for abuse.  'safe the children'.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


american organization of disgusting people is a grassroots, spiritually grounded organization  of disgusting people.

we are looking for a country--a people without a land for a land without a people. i think usa, europe n and s america, africa, asia and australia seem good canddidates.  antarctica already is filled up with penguins. the rest is uninhabited and civilized (same thing--oxymoron)..

dave ziron (of ISO, and its grassroots poverty stricken magazine the Nation--live in the ghettos of the upper west side NYC) is our spokesman of th minute. He's defending the right of an NFL player to not be assaulted due to racism in Las Vegas by cops---probably was racism, but somebody shot someone so who did that?  Why is anybody in Las Vegas or in he NFL anyway? Casinos, plus brain  damage.

He is suing the cops---probably on good reasons---they picked him out.  Shoodah shut down las vegas before it started.   He said when pinned down he was thinking he's not going to see his baby again. Traumatized.

Also he was crying like a baby since he wouldn't be able to spend that 28.5  million dollars in 4  years--16 million $ guaranteed.

Friday, September 08, 2017

The One True Facts for Today.

(note that there cant be one 'facts' --there could be one true fact, but that is about as likely as throwing a dart at the real numberline and hitting a rational number.)

see arxiv org 1709.02256  also   1709.02360

Thursday, September 07, 2017

GOOD NEWS!!! bad news , old news, used news, and all the abused news you can use.  has recently been rated the #1  (and also #13th) best source for bad and fake news.  

 Like Regnry we asked that the NYT's no longer put us on their bestseller list---we can do that ourselves. (I hired dave chappelle to make up the numbers.)

Why is bad fake news so popular these days? Because most news is bad news---so we don't want to hear about it.  Also the bad news is very low quality--probably due to the fact (or alt-fact) that most journalists (like educators) trained at place like Columbia Journalism school to be 'objective and unbiased'---see the world from the perspective of a rock --'just the facts ma'am'.  Also as part of the curriculum they have to show they are as dumb as rocks. (They get tested ion this everyday---make sure they are at the top of their game, and stil dumb as rocks.)

There's no high quality  bad news anymore. You have things like a hurricane and a flood in Texas---that aint nothing. If its good bad news then you dont see no cars being swept down the street--you see skyscrapers and University of Texas being swept down,  and the Dallas Cowboys standing on the roofs pleading for help--also threatening---dont mess with Texas. The Bush family taking their helicopter to the shopping mall to play miniature golf---but water was so deep their helicopter couldnt make it so they had to tun back.  Helicopter blades dont work well when you start at 665 below surface of the creek.

Cowboys are  going for a little cruise in the gulf of mexico. See if they can find any (Taino) indians to play a game with.   possibly something everyone should know.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Truth, Mindfulness, and Paranoid Delusions.

In my email box I get many messages about truth and mindfulness. All through written media there are also discussions of true vs. fake news, the value of meditation and yoga and so on.

I tend to be somewhat paranoid. (And I may have a few good reasons for this---sometimes I have bad dreams and nitemares, but sometimes these can become true if you live in an area with a fairly high crime rate).

So when i hear people tell me to practice  'mindfulness' i sometimes view that as preaching 'mindlessness'---in other words, people tell you 'don't think', just be a dupe, stay passive, don't think critically, and do not criticize or bite the hand that feeds.  All criticism is negative, for example, and be thankful for any blessings you get.   Clear your mind from the clutter of ideas.

When I hear about organizations promoting the truth, and fact based reality, I wonder what they consider to be the truth , and what they consider to be facts. Most people cannot consider all the possible facts in the universe, nor can they agree on what is or may be the truth.   (A PhD economist recently was writing on how actually all of modern science is based on the Koran.)

There are 'alternate realities', alternative facts, multiverses (as opposed to universes)  , many minds and many delusions. It all can lead to  states of confusion--mentally and internationally.