Sunday, August 18, 2019

What I Did After Winning The Election

Thanks to my loyal supporters, who are now my constituents, I won the election based on the issues.   Now they are my employers, and I only here to serve them.  I'm the people's servant.

So to serve them better, after winning the election,  I made a decision to start acting immediately,  but since you can onlywork on one issue at a time I had to choose one.  The issue I chose to work on was  to begin my  re-election campaign immediately. 

Thursday, June 06, 2019

The Book Review Section

Like many popular newsites, AOC has a book review section.

We changed the name to the Book review section, because it turns out there are no more books worth reviewing, except for the Book--my book, which hasn't been written yet.  I plan to write it as soon as it makes best seller list and i get paid in full.

Maybe I'll serialize it.  I'll write 1 letter/week.  Go from abc to d and then z. Go from there to ZFC.

Plastic Trash, Plastic People, and the Planetary Improvement Movement. (PTPPPI(B)M).

Scientists recently discovered there was piece of plastic trash in the ocean---they were fishing after a hard day's night of work , and the fish they caught (actually a whale, but that was by MisSteak ) had a plastic bag on its face---perhaps a new fashion style.

The prominent genius Sam Harris did studies which were replicated with dead salmons (highly empathetic ) and the dead whale was likely empathetic and fashion conscious, if animals have consciousness.  Chomsky says they do not---you only get conscious or woke after you have tenure at mit.

But they decided to call  the plastic bag  Pollution.

If you take a walk down to the creek around here , they will find 100s if not 1000s of plastic bottles in the creek---these are what people buy to get clean water to drink.  I just get my water from a tap, and i also know some springs where i can get it from the earth. Some people buy these plastic bottled waters  because their water has been cut off. Some use them at work or play. They end up in the creek.

People around here call these plastic bottles Pollution too.  I occassionaly go with a group called 'creek conservancy' which collects all these bottles. Put them in plastic trash bags.

I usually go by myself---there is wayyy more trash than that.

There are many self-improvement, self-help, planet healing, and other books for sale.  These are also coveniant, like bottled water, and not unhealthy in themselves, but they end up in the trash because that is what they are. Another kind of Pollution. 

A form of Pollution-Collusion due to the conspiracy plot--u can map it out, and work it out, and stomp it out.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Notes to Myself: The Science and Practice of psychology

How many books on psychology are there? 

If I look around here (which I don't want to do---its a bit depressing) I can see maybe 5 , and if I move some papers or go in the back room I can probably find another 20---- none of which I bought.  I found basically all but 2 of my books (and those 2 were sort of classics on math topics, one by Hermann Weyl on 'symmetry' and art, and the other a history of Turing).

The big books  in psychology in my Universe, Interverse, or some other verse, seem to be 2 unwritten ones --the and one by a French woman (she said she's giving a talk on it today) , one by a Harvard prof Paula Joan Caplan, one by Jeremy Lent, one on auitism by F murrau in UK, Johann Hari on  lost connedtions, one by r wallace on 'computational psychiatry', and maybe some more---from the 'behaviroal genetics' side of things (ie 'you were born that way, so face up to the fact that you should kill yourself') and self-help and religious ones (same sort of thing--EVERYONE COMES INTO THE WORLD AS A BLANK SLATE EXCEPT FOR YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD, due to the original sin--you didnt pay your way into the world). 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Universal Basic Income and The Right to be Lazy.

And crazy.

The discussion of universal basic income (UBI) is quite informative, deep, highly academic, and if it was part of an elementary school curriculum might rank a C- grade (nofail). Its opponent MMT gets a D.  Thats a fail. But since MMT is pc, it wins--once you go down to an F from a D (eg a PhD to a PhF) you cycle back to an  A.   (modular arithmatic--because numbers run out after 10 or 26). 

CHRISTMAS FUNdRAISER !!! Every Body is Nobody

I'm raising money for the have nots and half wits, and the politically in/tolerants .  The In/Tolerants are for sharing the wealth, reperations, against discrimination against rising Asian American future hedge fund billionaires at Harvard, and support rights of the mentally impaired, drug addicted, PTSD war survivors to a free coffee .

Half the money goes to our altruistic causes . Other half goes to  the truly needy--administration. since 3 and  1/2  equals 1 we donate 1/2 more to nobody.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Should Ethical Culture Be Trashed?

Ethical Culture was founded by Felix Adler in 1800s.  It was an offshoot of traditional jewish and christian churches, but basically sought to divorce ethics from religion, god, and supernatural, omniscient, and omnipotent entities or forces.

T Jefferson did the same thing in his 'Jefferson's Bible', which edited the bible by taking out all references to god and supernatural entities (like the devil) and events  (e.g. virgin birth, rising from the dead, walking on water).

These developments can all be seen as forms of humanism, or scientific naturalism.  They do not preclude 'deism' , but interpret 'the deity' as neither a natural, materialistic entity, nor as supernatural, but instead as a mystery---what Einstein called  Spinoza's god, and einstein visualized as mathematics. But others may see it as a turtle, a neme (M Josephowitz), meme or signifier, fractal (Jeremy Lent), category ( J Baez)  ultrafilter (Godel), spinet, twistor, knot, or quantum graph (maybe me2).

Ethical Culture has 6 principles, which to a large extent are the same as most other ethical and religious systems.  'Be all sweetness and spice, and everything nice'.    Be kind, caring, curious, inquisitive, creative, rational, healthy, compassionate, tolerant, open minded, and sharing, not greedy. 
  Don't hoard the wealth, nor take all the opportunities. 

I sometimes have gone to ethical society 'platforms' (their name for a sunday religious service , and very similar to them---choir, and their version of a sermon).

Unlike religion, they almost never mention god, and instead of prayer they have a moment of silence.
Many of their platforms are a mixed discussion of  of scientific theories, history of social justice movements, and then some more 'spiritual' discussions about 'transcendent experiances' and such.  I tend to be familiar with social history and science, so I learn little except some detail from those, but they are likely good for children or uneducated people who dont know these fields.

 I've been to kindergarten and sometimes wish a platform service could cover some material past 6th grade level.   The music is 90% easy listening, so that's poison to me.   Again, to each their own.  Many people like walking or hiking, but its inhumane to force a senior citizen on a cane or in a wheelchair to do a grueling 30 mile hike over mountains,  and its also inhumane to force some wild animal that lives in the mountains to take their excercize in a gymn or on a sports track.

Maybe some people need transcendence and discussions of it.  People into psychedelics write books on their transcendent experiences, as do mystics. The closest i get to that is my wilderness and nature experiences mostly.  I can talk for hours on that.  Its sometimes interesting to some, and boring for very many .  Sometimes its fun and ok, other times its a waste of time and a bad habit.  Reminiscing about the good times, instead of finding some new ones. Listening to these in a sense can be like watching porno---you have fun from watching others have fun.

Ethical Society has many families with children. Some people live through their children.  They like to or try to make their children happy, because it makes them happy to see their children happy.  Sometimes that makes children unhappy, because the children would prefer their parents go find something besides them to make them happy, and also because children can at times find ways to be happy all by themselves.

Often adults trying to make children happy involves shoving on them stuff that they may have enjoyed and think is fun.

I have some objections to Ethical culture.  The first thing I saw and objected to was when some obese woman who is a sunday school teacher there brought up some cuter little skinny kids to discuss what they did that day.  It turned out they made some sort of super sweet junk food snack.   When they grow up, they may regret learning that, since sugar is addictive.  (I've seen this many times---parents try to get their kids addicted to all this garbage food, meat, and so on, so when they grow up they are not very attractive any more, and hence won't go far from home.  Some men do this to their wives, and some females do this to their husbands.  Make em ugly so they wont stray. )

Next was their approach to service and sharing.  They had one group headed by someone with a PhD in international Relations who devoted his life to service.  Their group aims to get jobs and nice furniture to poor people.  Their view is the first thing you need is a a 'nice suit' so you are employable and some nice furniture for when you go home. 
They give out and deliver all this expensive 2nd hand furniture to poor people.  When they go back next year, they can't find half the people.   You don't need a phD to predict that.

If Ethical Culture is Unethical, is the group Effective Altruism not Altruistic, but Extremely Ineffective?

By Godel's theorem (some sort of math result   i heard of so I use it as an example for 'virtue signaling'  shows how  how intelligent and informed i am) its well know if you say or assert something, what you have done is just the opposite.

For example, 'this statement proves this statement is false'.

A group called 'ethical culture' (god bless their little souls) promotes a kind of secularist, humanist ethics.  They assert the dignity and intrinsic worth or all people.  Part of their mission is to educate people to become 'leaders' in the ethical culture movement.  A la Godel, there is an inherint contradiction in that goal.  If you think all people have intrinsic worth, then you cannot really define nor educate any leaders. There are 'no gods or masters'.  Its similar to Lake Wobegon, where 'all men are equal, and some men are more equal than others', and everyone is above average, and the sky is not cloudy all day.  (They have free range chickens there too.)

Of course Godel's theorem only applies to a small fraction  of mathematical theorems. How small? It doesn't apply to the huge number of theorems which are not self-referential or self-contradictory.

 It apples to the small set that are, as well as the vastly  larger set of theorems  outside the universe of what people have written down.   Although there are some disputes on this, some suggest that many more words, books, and theorems can be written down, as well as numbers.  So far not even the fastest computer has been able to write down the last integer or digit of pi.
  (Though perhaps some would argue they actually have that in another form called transcendent differential equations or elliptic integrals.)

If you say you are ethical, you can't be.  (Thats a form of heisenberg's uncertainty principle combined with Bell's theorem.     If you know where you are you don't know where you are going nor how fast.)

Hence people promoting effective altruism can't be.   I=PAT, V=PRN(V). 

Friday, November 16, 2018

Nonlinear Dynamics of Legal Change.

Confirming a Supreme Court and Climate Justice:  the Climate, Heat Islands, Hot Air, Code Red and  Code Pink

The level of informed discourse in the USA is phenomenal, partly because we have a fantastic educational system . 

I was thinking of teaching in my local public school system i went to---they have a teacher attrition rate of 30-70% in a year, and same for students. 'drop in, and drop out'. The oportunnity costs are quite cheap. When i was a good student i was absentee half the time. too dangerous. I wont even consider teaching in those schools, or maybe any others either. When i did teach (one elite place, one non elite place) students loved me but administrators, and some parents didn't.  So i just quit. Schools and universities are 50% obsolete----just places for working parents to park their kids while they do a worthless job and hang out on the town.

An 'Oldie but Goldie' Sample from my album and new book

this should be the 1st lesson i kindergarten (assuming made it past pre-sc/hool).

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Newer Proof of the tautology that 1=1.  Mentions crooks theorem.