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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YouTube - Griff Jenkins and Fox News ATTACKED at DNC Protests

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Scientific Commons: Quantum Decision Theory (2008), 2008-02-25 [Yukalov, V. I., Sornette, D.]

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YouTube - WHAT Band @ Behind the Beat w/guests

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Mathematics and War

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[lbo-talk] NYT: Residents cry "Save Our Prison!" AFSCME joins fight to keep prison open

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Earth First! Journal - Human Diet and Its Effects on Natural Ecosystems, by Gedden Cascadia

Earth First! Journal - Human Diet and Its Effects on Natural Ecosystems, by Gedden Cascadia

This article makes many good points about the role of diet on global ecology. However, i think it is unrealistic at present to imagine people in other countries, in other cultures, will move away from using animals for food any time soon. The main thing would be to get 'westerners' (eg europeans and americans) and other fairly affluent and educated or educable people (e.g. japanese, elites in latin america, china and india) to improve their food choices. (For example, I have heard that much of the rainforest destruction in Brazil actually goes to create meat used in fast food restaurants in Europe.)

Also, the article claims that people nowadays are aware of things like how their driving or home heating/cooling/lighting habits affect the global ecosystem, and do alter these habits, and so should now turn to diet. Personally I really don't think most people are that aware and often do not care particularily how their habits affect the global ecosystem. Usually one gets simply lip service, as in "I went to see Gore's "An Inconveiant Truth" movie, so I've done my part".

Plenty of indigenous and rural people have more sustainable lifestyles than vegans who, for example, rely heavily on cars for commuting, or work for ecologically damaging industries (eg banks, sprawl industries, etc.).

The writer is identified as an 'animal rights activist' turned earth firster. Some animal rightists are single issue people, who for example, have no problem being millionaires, living in mansions, driving gas guzzlers, owning exploitive and polluting industries or stock in them, so long as they are vegan and don't wear fur. (The former ELF spokesperson Craig Rosebrough seems of this style----he advocates revolutionary violence, while he himself uses his father's large income to buy himself a vegan restaurant.)

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How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation Marc Bousquet

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