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Re: [ox-en] Review of peerconomy book


(FOR THE information of the 'reader' (assuming they exist---perhaps they are like rats, so if you don't close the garbage can, eventually they will inevitably show up) the term ! is used here as a 'stand in' for an anonymnous social group.
also readers, does the text create the writer or the reverse? any ideas? maybe Sorios' rexletivity? I actually am skeptical that there really are any people involved with the internet; its probably just a matrix, following S-matrix theory of heisenberg and that lunatic from the 'left coast', Berzerkly (not Lawrence Jarach) who is a big proponent of democracy, of particles. Like in chocolate city, people should just stay in their own hoods to play it safe. Or, in your own row and column of the matrix. )

My Response to question 1 of the questionaire: how and when did you first hear about ! and what attracted you to it?

First, because i taske these things very seriously I will put in more than the 10 minutes asked to answer the questions. Following in the tradition of 'saint' luke (always blabbing about ancient wars and such) and moses (because i like mountains) i like doing the Sir/Man thing and being very formal in my reply---nice clothes, never any WTO patches and such; I even tip when i go to Ben's chili bowl (this keeps my smoking habit a little more in control---just get rid of the money!!! or, say, be 'anticapitalist' and live and let live with or without it. Definately tell Ben because of one's anticapitalist beliefes they should just give a gift of a meal, and you will in return give them the gift of taking it. Thats is how I run my gift economy---just give up the money, chocolate city style!!! No riots, no broken windows to fix---though you can make money cleaninng up afterweard, i guess. Then you can afford the price of a meal, so it works out. ).

I heard about ! a couple of years ago i think---"whats the word? Johannesburg!"; its sort of like SDS or other old movements---get your tie dies out; lets rock!!! one dude even had on a Rush t-shirt, whoever they are. there was even a mohawk, sortuh like the Exploited ('sex and violence').

(my impression of SDS is most people there are angling to be the next Tom Haydyn----total rad, total cool, reject the system, voting, the bourgeois, etc., hang out with this cool, very rich thin blond named Jane Fonda in Hollywood in between f-king sh-t up, and then, when all competitors in SDS have been killed off, you decide to Rethink Y/our Position (RiP) and then Join The system (JOE, the plumber), become a politician, write books, and go on speaking tours, and imprison your former group, but humanely. (eg 2 rolls of toilet paper/week.)

Or you could be like Bill Ayers, of the Weather underground ( , and become a well paid, possibly lazy, Tenured Radical and send your kid to Yale where he can become a member of the Ruling Class (even if its in something like Demos, where you do a pit stop and get your Rockefeller grant to explain why the poor and oppressed actually shouldn't be, except that Yale only has 5000 students unfortunately---just as only 4000 people can go to heaven to see Dug E Fresh (who may have been in Brand Nubian and did play with RE), few will get in or survive Yale, because those locks are really big and heavy. (I personally favor the bike locks; they have a nice heft to them.)

However, Tarski's theorem (on how you can take apart a sphere, and reassemble it into two equally sized ones, suggests via cloning maybe eventually everyone actually can get into Yale, or at least hit in the head with one---knock some sense into some of these dumb m-fers. If you conserve energy, you will have no law problems, especially second law or amendment ones or molecular chaos, and absolute motion. With energy conservation, there is no global warming either, because entropy is a constant of the motion. )

One attraction of ! was historical (sort of like visiting relatives---which was about the only reason I consdered going to Denver and St Paul---look up those old farm people, and see if they have anything to eat.) I was in an earlier incarnation of ! with a closely related name (no: its not ?). In fact, that incarnatiion satrted with a consant, rather than a vowel. I wonder why i wonder why i wonder why i wonder. Got a clue?

But now in fact, I am actually in my own group, which is a Formal organization, and also a Capitalist Business with a very high price to join (annual dues are about the same cost as a Harvard Tuition---so bring suitases of cash to my meetings--usually its a closed group, however, because most people are real Diss Eased.) \

Like !, my group also puts out a competing journal. (Temporarily caLLED AXIOMS AND CHOICES; until we decide on the size of the Continuum
(Cantor's problem of how many reals (numbers) there are.
Our group is funded by the NSF; wWe have a grant to count them---which is what my job is. Somewhat like a human supercomputer or supermart---all the recipes for uncountable survival strategies (see Peter Albin on godelian economics).

today i started counting 1+2+3+...+infinity, but i got tired early on (or maybe its adhd) and only made it to the first infinity, aleph 0;
interestingly, Like Euler i got that the sum of that series is -1/12. (see wikipedia on divergent series). how can it be that the infinite sum of positive numbers is less than zero? same way you can do what James Brown said---"talking loud and saying nothing".
(open the door; i can get it myself: W.H.O dat ringing the bell?. an invasive species, or "scavenger type".)

The motto of my group also differs, because we are Patriots, and hence choose a traditional stars and bars theme, called "Don't Tread on Me" (or 'watch yourself, baby', named after the Backyard Band song). Cuz we are stepping razors, so better watch your side, we're dangerous, like stinging nettles and their cousins, the jellyfish. Also, unlike !, which has this very aggressive, possibly angry and menacing symbol, our group just has this cute and interesting animal as a symbol, called a snake. They buzz too, if you need rythym with your music. If I finish counting the numbers and hence get no more NSF grants, i may become a naturalist or natural philosopher, like Newton and point out and identitify snakes for people, at say $100/one identification. This is similar to doing a data base query.)

I like the snakes becasue i used to catch them, sometimes for fun or to keep your skills up, and cuz others ate them i ate one too when i was hungry. Not too bad. but nowadays i keep them up in the mountains as a resource, in case i'm every really hungry. i also keep my trouts up there, but like teenagers they stay in the water too long, so maybe i'll have to reconsider that. they show no self-control, though it is interesting they can stay under water without drowning.

(i remember the first time i caught one of those snakes of that style (those little fangs, so cute), and it bit me even though that is really unPC, and i'm real careful, but i had to go to a doctor. what a waste of time. i still cannot forgive that snake for causing that problem. i was just being friends.
But like getting arrested at the border, that won't happen again---its really stupid)

Anyway, unlike !, because my group is all about me, I changed the first name of the group to Me; we kept the last name. Its all public enemy, public relations, and Me. You have Care. And, never You first, either, and because I am american, not EU first either---Euwww, thats gross. Its me first, first. (And i'll second that!! then iterate into the transfinite!! the sound of one hand clapping, since to multitask yoonly have one to "live free and die" by. )

Our group does all facets a la Orwell's animal farm. Some of these animals however need to get off the farm, and go back to their own country----for example, those bugs eating the hemlocks, beeches, and ashes. or those walking fish.
But as the great Martin Luther 'Rodney" king said, maybe we Kant all get along, because you can't see yourself except in pools of water in the land of broken mirrors.

(This is based on Bishop Berkely's idealism theory, formalized in the journal Physics Essay a few years ago by some reactionary religious fascist politician in Poland, showing it implies Quantum Mechanics, and as a result Me (or I) actually create the world through the process of observation ('it from bit' as Feynman/Wheeler call it).
(Me being the center of creation also follows from Mach's principle, modern geocentrism, and Ayrn Rand's Atlas Shrugged----this is why I don't shrug because then wall street will collapse into a black hole (see Illinski's gauge theory of finance). I guess others conceivably could make the argument that there are other possibilities, like that the pope is the center of the universe, but I am not sure that makes sense, at least to me. Its probably easier, as a first approximation, to assume I am. I wonder what its like being the pope---its hard to imagine. I wonder if he wears boxers under that robe, or rather something from Estelle Lauder.)

My group also doesn't require that we "give up activism" because "your politics is boring as f-k'; because we know that all action is indirect and as a result just by sitting on your ass, like in MX park, you will already be attacked, harassed, spit on, swexually solicited, etc. "Thats the way i like it".
my group is always very busy doing nothing. Kick ass at it, too. (Its hard also, when uyou're sitting down to get your ass kicked, unless you think it through.) Bentham and Maupertius and Machlup were onto something.

Unlike SDS, ! however has a different style; more outdoorsy. the Byrds of the 60's had that look--'back to nature'. Those shirts, and the thug boots, like Bootsy, who may join the Parlament (if US demnocracy turns that way) or else become Prime Minister. He will manage the prime numbers, while the honorable Even Minister who seems sinister will cover some of the remaining numbers.
QUESTION: is there a need for Odd Ministers if we want to manage every social security number at a blac bloc? or are they all already covered, because 'we got your b(l)ack'? Need a hint? Look up the fundamental theorem of arithmatic, from whence you can evolve to Galois theory, and then die at 23 in a gunfight over a girl, because ideals and primes and minsters are needed for every single one of the religions of Spengler's numbers. (see a recent Am. Math Soc. paper; maybe it was by P daivs. )

Even the bible i think has a chapter on numbers. imagine that!!!

'you woke me up, and i was dreaming
you woke up when i was screaming,
you woke me up, from my slumber
you woke me up to teach me numbers.

just echoises from the void, nothing that you heard

just all the numbers between zero and one, all the numbers in the continuum".

got it? does it compute, or are you like turing's machine and never decide or halt, a chronic procrastinator (even masturbator---turing did get sent to jail) and nervous pacer in your cell ?

actually i think SDS and Tom Hayden and ! actually aren't too bad; but maybe one needs an "all new new thing". (8 miles high by the Byrds i think is a good song; also maybe Jesus was allright with me. i think they had a naked girl on their album cover. )

what really attracted me to the ! group was it issued a meeting notice with a particular word in it ('north', which is the name of a Louis celine book, i think----celine was a misanthrope, somewhat like Nzietche and Artaud, who saw which way the winds were blowing, and as a French, joined the Nazis; sort of a sell out).

To me North is Sortuh like the North Star; when you see it, follow it. You can go about 150-200 miles more or less by following it. The, you have to shift. There is South if you go further North (which seems to make no sense, unless by mistake the Globe of the Earth is marked wrong, like "if a 6 turned out to be a 9', and Jimi turned out to be a featured performer on VU's '69'. (rushing on my run, like Mill creek's stepson). Its hard to imagine why one would go South, because there's often alot of Bushes up there .

For a second reason, the location of the meeting was real good; its one of the main crossing points and refuleing spots (McDonalds!!! big cheap coffees!!!though they also have these yuppie joints too) of a large river. There are houses there, and for a 150 or so mile trip occassionaly one can find one to stay in . The Hiphop band Houdini has a song about this: "friends, you can depend on" which is kickass. (You know, how they stab you in the back, "snitch' or inform, steal everything you have, destroy you, dope uyou up. its all good. )

i actually already know people there though i generally don't look them up. but being greedy, i like to have as many friends as i can. (didn't public enemy have a song about how they use and abuse you? ) but now with that new sidewalk, you don'ty really need to depend on friends, which is pretty good. some cats are fairly independent.

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A Glance at Economics Noble Laureate Paul Krugman's Web site.

He has an interesting-looking article (which i didn't read) on 'interstellar trade' (relevant to musical economics, such as Sun Ra's arkestra). In this 1978 paper he cites one of his working papers from 1987; others seemed to have interpreted this to be a relativistic effect (possibly related to Godel's rotating universe), but equally it would seem to be an application of Feynman-Wheeler absorber theory, or even just a simple interpretation of quantum theory in which the present is an average of motions from the past and future.

Another paper on Ricardo discusses his problem with Robert Reich, from the period when Reich was, if I recall, using some ideas found in Krugman's trade work, to argue against 'laisser faire'. I actually looked at Krugman's papers, and Reich's critiques of trade seemed 'spot on', and supported by Krugman. Krugman was essentially arguing about the details, or parameter values---while Reich's critique was possibly sound, "in the real world" the innefficiencies of free trade were actually so small, Krugman seemed to argue, that Reich was misinterpreting the theory (as a non-expert in economics would).

Possibly at Princeton and MIT they don't have Wal-Mart.

(A similar argument by Krugman in Scientific American mostly dismissed the role of trade in rising income inequality, arguing that other factors such as skill based technological change was more important. In other words, "Stolper-Samuelson effects" are possible, but were likely small or irrelevant in the US situation. However, Krugman didn't mention that the S-S result really only applies under condiditions of full employment, among others (likely a frictionless labor market is also required), so his argument was irrelevant.

Similarily, Krugman may have never heard of 'undocumented workers from Mexico".)

Also, Krugman has another paper on some so-called 'new theory of rising income inequality" which essentially makes exactly these points. In other words, Krugman's papers really do contain all the results claimed by critics of free trade, from Reich, to Nader, to the IFG, etc. The main themes of these papers are 'multiple equilibria'----supposedly this is some 'new' idea when in fact even by the time Krugman wrote his paper I think it was already almost beaten to death. Krugman has another paper on such a 'new theory' about income, which essentially appears to be a retread and relabeling of herbert Simon's 1950's work, or even Thurow's 70's work on statistical discrimination (which itself can be viewed as a special case of Simon).

Krugman, in his ricardo paper, also dismisses 'santa fe style modeling' as being both abstruse, overrated (because many results from that approach follow from the standard economic and biological arguments), and too often wrong or innaplicable when applied to real systems. My view of that approach, noted by others, is that it is simply more general, and possibly more 'elegant' (though this may only be for people trained in physics). (Like the income distribution theory, many insights of Krugman's trade work actually appear in previous papers from outside much of economics, and also from less prestigious orthodox places than Princeton or MIT.) It appears most standard classical and neoclassical economics emerge as special cases of the more general case. Standard economists, it may appear, are really just attached to a possibly outmoded formalism, and set of ideas (free trade), and hence are practicing theology and ritual.

None of this actually says that Krugman is not a good economist in the sense of knowing formal modeling and being able to use his models to interpret economic realities. But, it does mean he is likely way overrated, both in terms of the newness, profundity, and applicability of his work. (Like Jeffrey Sachs, Krugman seems to have reversed himself so many times that any of his policy prescriptions and interpretations of reality seem suspect---he might better recuse himself. )

One can ask what the value is of people who practice theology and ritual. I guess at Williamsburg they do historical enactments and get a salary.

The whole idea of the Noble prize' seems suspect because it simply selects one exemplar of what really is a large, contentious, and messy enterprise. Also I dought he needs the money, so it could be invested in something more profitable, or worthy.

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