Monday, December 17, 2012

Check out Gun-related violent crimes drop as sales soar in Va. - Richmond Tim

I nominate Professor Thomas Baker, PhD for the Noble Peace Prize.  As an academic at Virginia Commonwealth University, trained at Florida State, he has the credentials to 'stand your ground'.  (I do think this applies as well to the view that if you are driving somewhere and you hear music you don't like and even find potentially offensive even if you actually don't understand it or the lyrics, you have a right to defend yourself and commit a homicide as prevention). This seems to seal the case that guns are not related to crime.  Given that U Virginia at Charlottesville is run by a Female who is Liberal, it seems one can immediately shut that place down and transfer its resources to Thomas Baker;  except for the behavior genetics school (crime is genetic--see editor of Am J Psychiatry--- and the law school (law emerges from major corporations who are the only ones who have the expertise and finances to construct a Better World, using new found laws of physics---eg corporations have human rights ).
I am sure Baker will donate his Peace prize money to the NRA, and to install vending machines in every pre-k to 12 school so students can buy guns conveniantly.  After all, we all want a piece, to get a piece of the pie.  
As a journalist, I don't have to follow the ethical statues of academics (eg anthr-apologists in afghanistan), and so can go anywhere and interview every and anyone. So I went to heaven and talked with the mother of the Connecticut shooter----she was proud in that he learned how to shoot well from her, and used his family resources (guns) in a positive way to get a second place award (sponsored by the upcoming Thomas Baker Foundation) for mass murders in the USA (after Virginia Tech). Hopefully, the Thomas Baker Foundation will offer a PhD/Law program based on the teachings of John Wayne, Clint Eastewood, the Marloboro Man, and (as de/based on christian values--whut amerikka was founded on) Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Throw in Anne Coulter and another Florida alumus (the orange juice lady). As an aside one can note that crime decreases in Va correlate with global warming, which shows a non-spurious correlation (slutsky-yule theorem). so it shows global warming is good, even if its false (Ross McKintrick versus Thomas Mann of Realclimate).


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