Sunday, January 27, 2013

Check out [1301.5418] Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields cause DN

h frolich suggested something like this in the 70's---bhaumik, b misra, etc (bose-einstein condensation in biological systems)

Check out [1301.5974] Conservation laws, financial entropy and the Eurozone c

Check out [1301.6045] Newton-Machian analysis of Neo-tychonian model of plane

Check out [1301.6043] Is Planck's Constant h a "Quantum" Constant? An Alterna

stochastic electrodynamics still around----kinduh like the ivory billed woodpecker except not extinct

Check out [1301.6055] Experimental demonstration of metamaterial multiverse i

Check out [1301.6091] Historical Approach to Physics according to Kant, Einst

i like some of these papers even i dont understand nor go through the details   kim has a good website

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Check out David Bowie - Pablo Picasso - YouTube

Check out The Beatles - Get Back - Original Studio Version - HQ - YouTube

Check out BACKYARD BAND @ 930 CLUB (CLIP 1 OF 2) - YouTube

Friday, January 25, 2013


Check out The Beatles - Hey Jude - YouTube

i note the sex pistols version is no longer available


a cover of a sex pistols song t(-1) backwards copy right

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Check out Jimi Hendrix First TV Appearance - YouTube

the ad is good   problem later is playing guitar left handed nra nwa

Check out SEX PISTOLS- New York (Live San Antonio Texas) 1978. - YouTube

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Check out Authorities: NM teen planned more shootings -

i luv duhh ukkka   medgar (n)ever mind its all nirvana or naive spelled backyard ---bottled water or vodka)

Check out Don't Give Me No Lip Child - Sex Pistols (rare version) - YouTube

repeating myself me and eye

small kid  momIIE its a BEAR   COYOTEA   DUHH

Check out SID VICIOUS - NO LIP (LIVE) - YouTube

whut i told you]---maybe we are friends but kant hell
dont forget this  sid killed his girlfriend   heroin too   nolip

Check out Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints - YouTube

Friday, January 18, 2013

Check out [1207.6416] The Social Climbing Game

Check out 9353-Last Famous Words - YouTube

gettysburg last to imp dress la pierre looks good in a skirt nra f-u  keep it eze  nwa go-g-o

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Check out Jimi Hendrix- Sunshine Of Your Love - YouTube

only thing i read are the ads and bye all the products.  and f-u

Check out [Marxism] Is Growth Over?

[Marxism] Is Growth Over?
got some interesting stuff on this week


who dat? on the guitar  charlie (chuck) brown   dancin too rip at 4:51 i heard about it just got out the hospital

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Check out NorthEast Groovers *longer clip* 12-22-93 Metro Club - YouTube

bill gates foundation says we all have a right to something maybe casey trees or abuse so long as you get paid for it 

Check out Essay on role of academe in the tragedy of Aaron Swartz's death | I

lets run it down.  this exchange is hilarious---one of few times ive agreed with this writer.  jstor is mostly publish/perish garbage produced by publicly funded universities.  who is stealing whut. nobody even reads anything that is not plos or arxiv or on a personal website anymore.  even mit has this old school 2nd rate free university---its good but its not current.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Check out The Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - YouTube

aaron schwartz rss jstor f-u kerr gwu and u 2 nyt schwartz

Monday, January 14, 2013

Check out NORTHEAST GROOVERS @ BUMPERS-3-18-95 (CLIP 1 OF 8) - YouTube

trinity northeast northeast southwest southwest ... 4 dimensions as a start
whuts with smokin

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Check out Jill Scott "Hate On Me" - YouTube

Check out Jill Scott Hate On Me YouTube - YouTube



i even missed this----occupied
caught the perps ---talking 30 years in jail or going to have get some$

Check out Op Tribe "white people show" part 2 - YouTube

please dont give me a ticket dont lock me up lock me down---i have to go to my hospital appointment
 you have high blood pressure---why?  gonna take me down to the station and i aint even had sh-t to do with that

Check out Op Tribe "white people show" part 1 - YouTube

i used to see op tribe up the street but no more.  they even hit the corner store last week---thanks NRA (more guns, less crime as u see fit---fishers theorem  x dot = squ variance  and f-u b-h).  

Check out Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum - YouTube

mellow yello f-k u adams morgan   got time to go (go)--where's my watch

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Check out Rolling Stones - Can I Get Witness (Vinyl Rip) - YouTube

 marvin gaye did this bad situation\

Friday, January 11, 2013

Check out Question Mark & The Mysterians - 96 Tears - YouTube

deadicated to wayne pierre and nra---non rational alliance, more guns less crime, dope, kkk etc    find an interest b-h 


i hate the goth style but this is good material---i wrote this song in 1776 pm

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Check out Patches - Clarence Carter - YouTube

Check out Clarence Carter - Patches - YouTube

knew someone who knew all the lyrics--robbed me 40$

Check out Harper Valley P.T.A. movie clip / singer Jeannie C. Riley - YouTube

Check out

Check out The Slakadeliqs (Slakah The Beatchild) - Call Me Your Friend feat.

The Slakadeliqs (Slakah The Beatchild) - Call Me Your Friend feat. Sandie Black? - YouTube
this reminds me of b52s (i have several parked in my back yard for security) and blondie or 60's girl pop---supremes dianna ross etc

Wednesday, January 09, 2013



ruff it off   met some of the band many times

Check out JUNKYARD -- JOHN WAYNE - YouTube

everyone loves the rain
didnt wayne lepierre of NRA heroic stats star in john wayne?

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Check out Iggy pop-The Idiot-Baby - YouTube

Check out Rare Essence & Familiar Faces At Hyatt April 3 2010 - YouTube

last re show i went to i got thrown out since i aint buying no 30$ beer  i do see familiar faces frequently

Check out JUNKYARD -- JOHN WAYNE - YouTube

take 2 a deadication song for me thanks buggs

Check out JUNKYARD-- FT. 32 FROM NEG.. $55 MOTEL, FREAK SHOW - YouTube

Monday, January 07, 2013

Check out The Beatles - Hey Jude - YouTube

goin to see if i can retrieve stolen objects   put the guns down
or im going to take em watch yourself i know how to use em  

Check out The Beatles-Hey Jude - YouTube

nice song  got robbed second time this week  so i went to my place hey jude

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Check out The Beatles - Get Back (Rare Version) - YouTube

Check out She Cracked - Modern Lovers 1972 demo - YouTube

i dont mind repeating myself    king of hearts jack of spades queen la t i undisputed band

Check out What Band - Say Something - YouTube

Check out Iggy Pop - Dum Dum Boys - YouTube

this song converted me to catholicism and mormonism and noi    watch yourself

Friday, January 04, 2013

Check out [1210.7785] Emergence from irreversibility

i dont think there is anything new in this but everyday is everyday and even tho i lost my watch i still know what time it is
good references but missing some

Check out Velvet Underground Jonathan Richman - YouTube

this defines political correctness----except it looks like white patriarchy since the band is monochrome

Check out The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (full length) - YouTube

i always like a good folk song (maybe its f-k)

Check out The Velvet Underground-Heroin - YouTube

the best part of this and other youtube videos are the free ads at the beginning.  that's all i watch---and i support the workers and buy all the products.   go redskins!!! g-o g-o

Check out velvet underground - venus in furs - YouTube

i hear there is a protest against furs at gartenhaus on wisconsin ave coming up .  it seems the whole wisconsin avenue crew could try this as an alternative to gartenhaus but of course they already do---double dippers 

Check out Ballou Band(Dey Know) - YouTube

saw jyb and what band doing this    o my dog

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Check out Fugazi - Repeater [Full Album] - YouTube

i always liked fugazi better than minor threat (i was more into the f-k ups who i saw jack minor threat in sf; they also took out the dk's (dead kennedys);  tool and die etc).

Check out Linking brains and brawn: exercise and the evo... [Proc Biol Sci. 2

i wonder if there are even more extreme correlations linking subautomatic ownership, brains and brawn----perhaps epistatic-like correlations.  (though sometimes more is less---eg joel cohen (rockefelluh) from the  the 80's or 90's)..

Check out Exercise and the Ever-Smarter Human Brain -

this shows why you should never get up off the couch---use the remote and order pizza.   otherwise you might end up on the moon

Check out [1207.1876] Evolutionary Hamiltonian Graph Theory

[1207.1876] Evolutionary Hamiltonian Graph Theory
good idea but poor grammar and i dont think he knows what he is talking about---maybe take a glance again

i took a glance---citing erdos ----hit the road jack
it is arxiv but i  wouldnt be be surprised if this shows up in amm, ams siam pnas science or nature
and f u 2
took another glance---maybe some gragh theory/combinatorics but throw it in the trash

Check out Junkyard Band @ Showplace Photo 4-24-04 - YouTube

as an enviromental d-cist whats this with the park lot? why not the gas station?  other than that this is the sh-t.   saw buggs couple timesdrecenlty

Check out Chuck Brown~ Chocolate City Reunion - YouTube

i could never get to these shows partly cuz laziness dress code far away and 40 to 50 $, this is just 8 months before he was gone.  note they got women and whites in the band----all for one. and he has incorporated the new sounds in too. its not 79 or 89 anymore. wind me up. saw the band couple weeks ago at howard theatre.  d floyd of re/911/familiar faces is on this too.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Check out 9353 Ten Witches - YouTube

not quite the one i was looking for but hey 53
met some  people who married after a 53 show other day---death penalty show---9353 i gather hated and was hated by the whole discord crew,,   why i like em  tho i like some discord---heteregeneous as opposed to monoculture

Check out Huck a Bucks Its time - YouTube

same theme   saw whut

Check out THE HUCK A BUCKS - YouTube

oh well  this is so old  but some still playing   and sum didnt make the integral

Check out The Stooges - No Fun - YouTube

you jack me take your time and get someone to escort you away

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Check out Norhteast Groovers-2 To Ya Head - YouTube

Check out 9353 - Spooky Room - YouTube

dj spooky i guess duhh

Check out 9353-Last Famous Words - YouTube

gettysburg address---a speech during the senate hearings about falling off the cliff

Check out Flipper - Ha Ha Ha - YouTube

better version  note the complexity of the lyrics

Check out Flipper- Ha ha ha - YouTube

one of the most hated bands in sf hc scene along with nirvana minor threat and dk's (dont even mention green day---maximum chaos was ok and then there's big boy's mdc fuck ups dirty rotten imbeciles)
i thought this was sortuh like shoeneberg or stravinsky or tcb (bounce beat))