Friday, February 22, 2013

Check out NORTHEAST GROOVERS @ RUSSELLS 10-31-93 - YouTube

want the 20$ and i aint no female

Check out NORTHEAST GROOVERS @ BUMPERS-3-18-95 (CLIP 1 OF 8) - YouTube

saw smoke at my joint but wasn't sure except i know a lil bit about the g-o g-o

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Check out JYB*(9/28/96)*SATIN DOLL BANQUET HALL - YouTube


lets sea, what happinging to day;   did my free class, did my walk, had to run into library for protection,   pretty much garbage--scientific amercan--- (where do they get the bimbos? (editors) never heard of the big bang and you goin to say it started with john wheeler ---feynman's prof. )

Friday, February 15, 2013

Check out Meteor Fragments Are Said to Rain Down on Siberia - Hundreds of Inj

Check out Sorry Ms Jackson - Backyard Band (D.C. Go-Go) - YouTube

sorry bout that---my elementary school teacher--lost all that stuff.   her son reuben wouldn't share no medical mary jane---heard him on npr---the story---now in vermont after smithsonian gig.

Check out Public Image Ltd - Seattle - YouTube

Check out Waghoba

I think this is part of the issue of feral cats---they eat robins and other birds.  I saw something like this in mexico.  Heard a lady got bit by a rabid fox in 'doing it after dark rock creek park'  (donald byrd song ) today---they say this shows wildlife coming back---well, i know 2 fox dens and watch the babies playing around. 
friend left a message on my machine with the spring peepers. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Check out Junk ...(J-Mob) @ Benning Park (98) - YouTube

Check out J-MOB @ LIVINGSTON PARK 8-13-98 - YouTube

clifton terrace
not exactly   but 8 minutes in too vicious--its in your head

Check out JYB La Perla 1/9/04 - YouTube

Check out JYB 3-12-94 Russell's - YouTube

go go on life support
john wayne

Check out JUNKYARD BAND @ PARAGON 1-23-94 (CLIP 3 OF 3) - YouTube

you got it ---from 20 years ago

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Check out New York Dolls Frankenstein - YouTube

saw  some of those peeplease

my (social context of mental health with charmaigne williams) will be doing a training.

first we'll  got to timbuktu where we'll learn how to use a library card, and get a suicide bombing (exra credit!! or debit) and then we'll go to syria to see the golan heights forests---they even have some trees which we'll try to find in the forest--and get another suicide bombing near turkey---it helps to redo the exercizes.  then we'll find our keys.   then we'll go to acapulco mexico, eat a few fish. maybe visit the copper canyon and the huichols, oaxaca or chiapas or palenque, see if one can find any huichols left beneath the canadian mining company's porta potties, pray to the aztecs, mayans, and tar sands.  then eat some local produce---peyote---go past zacatecas over the sierra madre through the canyons  and come back and get gang raped.    stop buy spain, hit ibeza island in the mediterranean , see a few shows, then fly to usa to another ibeza to see eu and re. then we'll go to india, find some cannabis, look up the gurus up at hadwaar rishikesh, maybe run up over the hill (19000 feet) to ladack, watch some tibetans self-immolate due to the chinese, come back to banares---city of the dead-- buy some cheap heroin (better than what rayful edmonds---dc---sold) , and get another gang rape.   Then back to the airport---police of course will take all your money; hide whatever contraband you got and go to JFK , visit bloomberg and times squares, and prented to be a hipppy dippy carlos casteneda type.

this free for all:   free at last  no money down.   (i get money---50 cent).


Check out Things Done Changed - Biggie (Original Version) - YouTube

could b biggie  buy popeyes   gilligans island castaways liar liar

Check out Never Let A Crackhead Sing At A Funeral - YouTube

Never Let A Crackhead Sing At A Funeral - YouTube

This is just a reminder for the Pope---the unborn, the predator hypocrite priests---calling someone else a f-gg-t, the Big Money at the Vatican, the Golden Rule b-ch.  f-k religion lying lazy people

the comments are enlightening, below the video

Monday, February 11, 2013


put this on hear to calm down


saw a bunch of these people Saturday under a different name----familiar faces---w ms. kim and d floyd.  big john of did radical sound---rap. they were laughing at me.   2 people----one from a different band---went after me but they got run off.    k2 too.   some undercovers at my place when i got home.  i'm hoping they are just doing security.
went to my science meeting downtown at a new library;   at the end 6 cops showed up to detain someone.  i just walked home through the park then went to see familiar.  


the club name is part of his or her/story   i know many of these people

Check out Sugar Bear Birthday Party - 31 July 2011 - YouTube

i kant tell--if this is syria or mali---and i already know;  maybe you are about to go---so read your scriptures

Check out Updated Reports: Suspect And Two Victims Dead In Delaware Shooting   nra nwa eze   familiar faces neg jyb eu chuck byb tcb head-roc luke 2 of em

Check out [1203.6773] Some comments on the paper "On the Effects of External

i wonder who this dude is or maybe i'm just wondering why i wonder why....
nice anecdote about einstein
a lot of jokes on npr---diane rehm (u) today----something about addiction----pay us more money and more money (gangstarr---just to get a rep  on youtube) and after 'treatment' we'll throw you out on the street unless you are willing to be my ho 

Check out Joan Jett - I Wanna be your Dog - Telluride UNCUT - YouTube

never liked joan jett---but now changed my mind.   there's a better version on youtube.  of course sid vicious and iggy covered. itink jesus or kissinger roped this
telluride?  go catch me some trouts up there---take that coal mining sh-t outa utah---not too far from silverton san juan mtns  and f

Check out Survival Of The Stupidest; (A thought... - Astronomy & Astrophysics

Check out [1103.6281] Brainwashed by Newton?

I always knew it was a conspiracy.

Check out [1112.4714] Breaking the light speed barrier

I  see elvisebrions all the time.  They are the progeny of Elvis, but are usually seen as pairs (the females are called Yetis, and the males are called Drones). 

Check out [1203.6789] arXiv in the classical Russian literature

Lots of good news.  A little snow yesterday.  The 'Center for Stragic and International Studies' was featured on NPR promoting fracking so we can export natural gas, even if it means Us residents will no longer be able to afford it.  Kissinger, who hopefully will become the next Pope---now that this one is going on a cruise or something with his fellow priests---in on the board (along with Joseph Nye of Harvard, ad nauseum).
   Walmart may even consider doing something about the fact that all their shopping carts are clogging up Little Hunting Creek in Va----on the other hand, since they are a small business maybe we should give them a pass.
  The LAPD ossifer who wrote that manfesto i guess is still out there---the manifesto is sortuh interesting.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Check out Thank you / Sly & the Family Stone LIVE ! on soul train - YouTube

Check out PIL - Public Image - YouTube

dress to impress--no athletic gear, tennis shoes, hoodies. guns outside.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Check out Junkyard Band hittin "Jy Funk" 9-10-05 Drury Park - YouTube

Check out Junkyard Band "John Wayne/Hee Haw" Live - YouTube

Check out Ten Commandments Band @ Union Bethel (07.19.08) - YouTube

another good one not on youtube is airforce 1   backyard has 1 2     kant stand the rain

Check out XCB @ Power House Youth Rally 05' - YouTube

Check out Johnny Cash sings "The Ten Commandments" - YouTube

Check out Igor Stravinsky Happy Birthday - YouTube

i think this called rights of the arab spring

Check out Lords of the New Church - Happy Birthday - Very Rare Live 1988 - Yo

if you go to go gos then its your birthday everytime??!!

Check out Johnny Thunders - Eve of Destruction / Its not enough - YouTube

"on the eve"    )book on my blog)  its 4:49 soon to be 4:51  farenheit 25  hear they got a bit of snow in NYC---wear a jacket.

Check out Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - It's Not Enough - YouTube

heard immelt of general electric talking;  we need growth, manufacturing, good wages (4 to 15 million$ year), OFFSHORING, AND A DEGREE IN APPLIED MATH FROM DARTMOUTH.   ALSO FRACK YOU UP.
economic growth and jobs.  but its not enough. 
  saw johnny thunders fall off the stage once.  needed sum help i need somebody  

Check out Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer - Live CBGB (1977) - YouTube

saw some of em em when they were lords of the new church---with rem  (sh-t except one good song)   then stiv died i think 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Check out MPD-4D : Message: FW: 2.6.13 Police Involved Shooting: 6400 Block o


could say half a knife  day bit just say have a nice day be way cool

Check out Rolling Stones 1970 Gimme Shelter Altamont Concert with Hells Angel

got 20 police cars here today

this is like a gogo show
watch yourself   i'll take you out dont give a f-k chuck brown dont give a f-k

Check out The Beatles "Ed Sullivan Show" Final Appearance (14th August 1965)

lost my keys tonite   had to find my extra set a mile into the park  turned out they were in my door went to busboys saw empower dc wrong day bought  sacajawea---indian woman   like 20 police cars at home somethings up

Monday, February 04, 2013

Check out El Topo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Check out Eazy-E - Real Muthaphukkin G's - Uncensored - YouTube

Check out Henry Ford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Henry Ford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
someone wrote a tv series on this dude   trip

Check out HELLO KITTY IN SPACE - YouTube

aminal abuse   summer vacation in February

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Check out Cee-Lo Green - Fuck You (Official Video) - YouTube

Check out On The Eve: The Jews Of Europe Before The Second World War, By Bern

Check out

Check out "Balance" - YouTube

Check out Addiction and the State | anarchistnews dot org

the internet cloud 911   the comments are way cool


Check out Freedom Firebombed | anarchistnews dot org