Monday, February 11, 2013

Check out [1203.6789] arXiv in the classical Russian literature

Lots of good news.  A little snow yesterday.  The 'Center for Stragic and International Studies' was featured on NPR promoting fracking so we can export natural gas, even if it means Us residents will no longer be able to afford it.  Kissinger, who hopefully will become the next Pope---now that this one is going on a cruise or something with his fellow priests---in on the board (along with Joseph Nye of Harvard, ad nauseum).
   Walmart may even consider doing something about the fact that all their shopping carts are clogging up Little Hunting Creek in Va----on the other hand, since they are a small business maybe we should give them a pass.
  The LAPD ossifer who wrote that manfesto i guess is still out there---the manifesto is sortuh interesting.  


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