Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Check out New York Dolls Frankenstein - YouTube

saw  some of those peeplease

my coursera.org (social context of mental health with charmaigne williams) will be doing a training.

first we'll  got to timbuktu where we'll learn how to use a library card, and get a suicide bombing (exra credit!! or debit) and then we'll go to syria to see the golan heights forests---they even have some trees which we'll try to find in the forest--and get another suicide bombing near turkey---it helps to redo the exercizes.  then we'll find our keys.   then we'll go to acapulco mexico, eat a few fish. maybe visit the copper canyon and the huichols, oaxaca or chiapas or palenque, see if one can find any huichols left beneath the canadian mining company's porta potties, pray to the aztecs, mayans, and tar sands.  then eat some local produce---peyote---go past zacatecas over the sierra madre through the canyons  and come back and get gang raped.    stop buy spain, hit ibeza island in the mediterranean , see a few shows, then fly to usa to another ibeza to see eu and re. then we'll go to india, find some cannabis, look up the gurus up at hadwaar rishikesh, maybe run up over the hill (19000 feet) to ladack, watch some tibetans self-immolate due to the chinese, come back to banares---city of the dead-- buy some cheap heroin (better than what rayful edmonds---dc---sold) , and get another gang rape.   Then back to the airport---police of course will take all your money; hide whatever contraband you got and go to JFK , visit bloomberg and times squares, and prented to be a hipppy dippy carlos casteneda type.

this free for all:   free at last  no money down.   (i get money---50 cent).



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