Thursday, March 28, 2013

Check out YouTube - BLONDIE with JOHNNY THUNDERS - Get it On

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Check out YouTube - The Vietnam War 1964-1976 HD Full Version

we all like fun---aint no 68 riots but no fun (igggy sooges/ sex pistols sid vicoious)  

Check out YouTube - The Slakadeliqs (Slakah The Beatchild) - Call Me Your Fri

Check out YouTube - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Nowhere To Run (1965) HD

kinduh like where i live   the whole gas station----got my shoes and umbrella---  watch yourself  avoid the dope and gunz

Check out YouTube - MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS - Nowhere To Run (Shindig 1

almost a go go beat    you got know where to run---and often i dont

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Check out Scientific Clearing House | Carson C. Chow

good blog.  azimuth john carlos baez is good too    and math under microscope n-category cafe 3 toed sloth
etc  'ishi' 'social context of mental illness' ---is my course 

Check out YouTube - 911 BAND @ 930 CLUB (CLIP 2 OF 3)

reverse lexicographical ordering ---previous is next or the inverse

Check out YouTube - 911 Band "All Tha Brown" 930 Club Chuck Brown's B'Day 200

the uk boy band---saw em last  week under a new --familiar faces ---not faze 2 or facez u know
clip 2 is 15 mins.   lots of dope at 930---used to be wust near 7 and t

Check out 911 (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

next clip shows 911 ---the truth  (as opposed to 911-truth---david ray griffin from that rights wing california collig ----loads of that garbage in uc system)

uh o uh o

Check out Jean-Pierre Vigier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

interesting ex-dude.  look at the references.
we are biased to be biased---boyd and richerson (culture and the evolutionary process), or donald ludwig (SIAM Rev around 1977)---though the second law of thermodynamics seems to contradict mechanics (microscopic theory) due to coarse graining, a non-conservative, dissipative, irreversible process can be mapped into a hamiltonian/lagrangian formalism (see also R Graham (germany), Eyink (JHU), etc.), or Shalizi (3-toathed sloth blog at CMU). 

Check out [1204.2420] Variational Principle underlying Scale Invariant Social

A G Wilson of the UK used to derive thre 'gravity law' of economics using a statistical mechanical maximum entropy argument. 

Check out [1206.7020] The thermodynamics of urban population flows

Check out [1210.7785] Emergence from irreversibility

This does not appear to sqay anything new, but I guess following Shannon's information  theory, some redundancy is required at times (eg babies learning how to walk and talk even if humans have known how to walk and talk for hours, if not millenia) to generate new ideas.  (The issue is 'i' (sqrt(-1), and wick transforming temperature into imaginary time I find somewhat non-intuitive ---though I did read an article by T Boyer in old SciAm which more or less made the case that temperature differences can be viewed as motion of a system in different inertial (or accelerated) reference frames---so it may be about time.  'Do you know what time it is?" (old song by band Rare Esence if i recall though many gogo bands play it. 'tick tock, ready to rock...').

ps----the other paper by isidro is the that mentions i (ref 26 l kauffman, (f)laws of form, curvature is mass as is bias===synonyms up to (0(n))---the commutator h bar (2) n/one).

Check out [1205.3393] The Quantum as an Emergent System

There are several versions of this idea I've seen---one by someone who worked with de broglie (if i recall---vigier of france), and one on arxiv by some chemistry professor in michigan (turing morphogenesis=quantum jumps).  Most people would consider this 'wack' (bs) or irrelevant (dirac---who cares what it means so long as it works?)  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Check out [1202.5257] Probability Theory Compatible with the New Conception o

Check out [1303.5309] On the Origin of the Lorentz Transformation

i discovered the lorentz transformation in a physics book not longer after i discovered america

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Check out Iggy pop-The Idiot-Baby - YouTube

i pointed this out idiiot

Check out [1303.4676] Universal Doomsday: Analyzing Our Prospects for Surviva

Check out N.E.G.****6/24/10****IMMA BE - YouTube

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Check out Azimuth

Check out NEG-Off Da Muscle - YouTube

Check out N.E.G.*(1/10/10)*CLUB ELITE--SMOKE SOLO-- - YouTube

Monday, March 11, 2013

Check out A look at America's gun industry -

2 to ya head   real scared  mens  die m-fr die

Check out Familiar Faces~ Ms Kim "Thank-You" - YouTube

one of my favorite bands
saw em 2 days ago missed godisheus   i didnt even get checked for weapons or id

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Check out Junkyard Band @ Showplace Photo 4-24-04 - YouTube

Birds of a feather crowd together, if they aren't flocking or fracking.
The best people don't got to Hilton or Marriot Hotel; its the parking lot 'dude'.

Check out MS. KIM & R.E.--I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN-- - YouTube

saw ms kim recently
saw her last nite too with d floyd and such  missed head roc---too far. 

Friday, March 08, 2013

Check out Familiar Faces-Ms Kim~ I'll Drink To That~ Do Ya Think About Me - Y

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Check out (Diva's Inc.) Backyard Band @ Geno's Park 6-2-12 (Bike and Car Show

be cool watch yourself have fun dont mess with nobody

Check out (Diva's Inc.) Backyard Band @ Geno's Park 6-2-12 (Bike and Car Show

Check out Food Fight — SoS Juice

this seems to be one of those extremely far left attacks on everything that is good about the usa---at one time, when we were savages, we had to work the land.  now in civilized society we can go to mcdonald's and the corner store for a lottery ticket.
FREE AT LAST, no money down payment.

Check out Norhteast Groovers-2 To Ya Head - YouTube

Check out List of largest employers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There's plenty of jobs out there---all very desirable (compared to eating out of a garbage can). So what's the issue.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Check out Being in the World-1.m4v on Vimeo

i think i know who herbert dreyfus is.
i like the bass, descartes,  heiddeger etc.  mingus played bass---beneath the underdog.  saw someone in that tradition recently.  actually got in my show last nite. 'suttle thoughts'.

the 50000 car at the beginning is disgusting.   my neighborhood the senior citizens and disables get transport, but they get carjacked too.  people get killed.  'show me the money'.  it aint funny. 

Check out The Beatles - Help! (Live '65) - YouTube

i forget which instrument i was playing---maybe ed sullivan

Check out Back - Somebody Help - 10-15-99 @ Blackhole - YouTube

the ad is about childhood obesity.  there seems to be a song after it---hobart crew

Check out ***NEW*** BACKYARD BAND - OTIS (COVER) - YouTube

Check out Being in the World-1.m4v on Vimeo

this is interesting---i've read a lot of this stuff.   i wonder what the rent costs in the world---or maybe just a weekend  (jean luc godard) vacation.   when i retire, i may book a cruise trip to the world and hope the boat don't hit the (chinese ) rocks (johnny thunders /new york dolls, 'i'm on a chinese rock (opium trade-----helped invade Tibet), everything is in hock. i guess you could just say 'let it be' (beatles) ;  also bees are needed for pollination.