Sunday, March 24, 2013

Check out [1210.7785] Emergence from irreversibility

This does not appear to sqay anything new, but I guess following Shannon's information  theory, some redundancy is required at times (eg babies learning how to walk and talk even if humans have known how to walk and talk for hours, if not millenia) to generate new ideas.  (The issue is 'i' (sqrt(-1), and wick transforming temperature into imaginary time I find somewhat non-intuitive ---though I did read an article by T Boyer in old SciAm which more or less made the case that temperature differences can be viewed as motion of a system in different inertial (or accelerated) reference frames---so it may be about time.  'Do you know what time it is?" (old song by band Rare Esence if i recall though many gogo bands play it. 'tick tock, ready to rock...').

ps----the other paper by isidro is the that mentions i (ref 26 l kauffman, (f)laws of form, curvature is mass as is bias===synonyms up to (0(n))---the commutator h bar (2) n/one).


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