Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why does 1+2+3+4+...infinity=  -1/12?

The answer is because one can approximate this series by 1/2*x*(1+x)  and then you sum, integrate or  take the area below the x axis.  Its -1/12.  (and i didnt discover that).

Monday, June 16, 2014

Check out ? Junkyard Band performing @ Cafe 611 - YouTube

Lots of junk in my place---what to throw out? Pprobably me would be a place to start, but a better idea would be to relocate all this stuff into a Museum on the Mall---i could just put this stuff into say, the east, wing on 4th st nw, and they throw all that stuff out. See for why this makes sense. So people could go to the museum, the mall could be retrofittted to be a multilayer parking lot (like B Russle's design for an infinite apartment).  To fight global warming, each car parked into the lot would have one of those car locks put on the wheel since they parked on reserved spaces.

Check out ? Blingyard Band tribute to Buggs of JYB - YouTube

I hear Brats won in Va. Pollsters, like hipsters, are not perfect.  (Nor possible academia---Brats has degrees from princeton in theology (of course) and a PhD friom AU (something like 'human capital and religion'---and it doesn't appear he has a single publication in any journal with  'high impact' so his advancement as a PhD university professor may be like those who rise up by say, buying their PhD thesis from some oneline term paper writing service, which is then certified by the PhD committee, and you're good to go).

I heard the Ramones got a Gold record recently. Brats reminds me of  the  nonviolence anthem and politically correct  Ramones song 'beat on the brat with the baseball bat' .  Go(-go) Nats!!!  I actually remembered it as bring on the bats, but then i was thinking of bling.

? Blingyard Band tribute to Buggs of JYB - YouTube

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I hear Westboro Church protested at Wilson High today (who's principal was at gay pride day).

 Also a 'black metal' band from Canada stopped by Westboro Church to attend services---they tithed (10% of your income ) in the form of pissing on their  lawn.

(Last time I was caught pissing was at  an anti-GMO protest in front of the White House---i found a tree, but they obviously have cameras so in 2 minutes i was surrounded by several police cars and bike police, who went through my stuff and told me to use the bathroom (and i actually have an old  policy which is i dont use public bathrooms because many times in the past  i am propositioned or nearly assaulted in them) . They asked what the whole GMO thing was about---they thought it was about pesticides (which it is---eg Monarch Bitterflys) , but its hard to explain genetic engineering, DNA, etc in 5 minutes thought its not too difficult.

I did see a spicebush butterfly  yesterday which I dont see too often nowadays.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

After following some links on 'quantum mechanical foundations of philosophy' i ended up at the polish physicsts' paper on berkeley from physics essays (t'hooft is on the editorial bored of this wack journal) (he dervies quantum mechanics or something---he's also a right wing catholic (probably has a dog in the fight---to avoid jail) ideologue politician) and then at the site of some physicist in the Ukraine.

 see   It turns out the lost continent of Atlantis has been discovered in Crimiea, ukraine (and maybe they can recover the lost Ark from the caucusas mountains, maybe use it for human trafficking). .

its allus nice to see all the wack out there, not that there is nothing of value in there, or that the mainstream media or science community is all that better.  (alot of them, for example are 'spiritual capitlaists', on the Templeton fund . including jonathon mark---now at Notre Dame, a fine catholic institution (you can donate to this place to support academic integrity or payoff for sex abuse 'victims' (who learned you should get paid for sex work))  also  (see his review of Nicholas Wade on HuffPo---and of course arianna Huffington, whose husband deserted, always has great articles  on why people should not be vaccinated ----you might miss the experience of polio, for example). and richerson  (of culture and the evolutionary process).

'i'm so happy' (pharrell williams), or wobbly dance (vic).