Wednesday, June 04, 2014

After following some links on 'quantum mechanical foundations of philosophy' i ended up at the polish physicsts' paper on berkeley from physics essays (t'hooft is on the editorial bored of this wack journal) (he dervies quantum mechanics or something---he's also a right wing catholic (probably has a dog in the fight---to avoid jail) ideologue politician) and then at the site of some physicist in the Ukraine.

 see   It turns out the lost continent of Atlantis has been discovered in Crimiea, ukraine (and maybe they can recover the lost Ark from the caucusas mountains, maybe use it for human trafficking). .

its allus nice to see all the wack out there, not that there is nothing of value in there, or that the mainstream media or science community is all that better.  (alot of them, for example are 'spiritual capitlaists', on the Templeton fund . including jonathon mark---now at Notre Dame, a fine catholic institution (you can donate to this place to support academic integrity or payoff for sex abuse 'victims' (who learned you should get paid for sex work))  also  (see his review of Nicholas Wade on HuffPo---and of course arianna Huffington, whose husband deserted, always has great articles  on why people should not be vaccinated ----you might miss the experience of polio, for example). and richerson  (of culture and the evolutionary process).

'i'm so happy' (pharrell williams), or wobbly dance (vic).


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