Monday, June 16, 2014

Check out ? Blingyard Band tribute to Buggs of JYB - YouTube

I hear Brats won in Va. Pollsters, like hipsters, are not perfect.  (Nor possible academia---Brats has degrees from princeton in theology (of course) and a PhD friom AU (something like 'human capital and religion'---and it doesn't appear he has a single publication in any journal with  'high impact' so his advancement as a PhD university professor may be like those who rise up by say, buying their PhD thesis from some oneline term paper writing service, which is then certified by the PhD committee, and you're good to go).

I heard the Ramones got a Gold record recently. Brats reminds me of  the  nonviolence anthem and politically correct  Ramones song 'beat on the brat with the baseball bat' .  Go(-go) Nats!!!  I actually remembered it as bring on the bats, but then i was thinking of bling.

? Blingyard Band tribute to Buggs of JYB - YouTube


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