Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I hear Westboro Church protested at Wilson High today (who's principal was at gay pride day).

 Also a 'black metal' band from Canada stopped by Westboro Church to attend services---they tithed (10% of your income ) in the form of pissing on their  lawn.

(Last time I was caught pissing was at  an anti-GMO protest in front of the White House---i found a tree, but they obviously have cameras so in 2 minutes i was surrounded by several police cars and bike police, who went through my stuff and told me to use the bathroom (and i actually have an old  policy which is i dont use public bathrooms because many times in the past  i am propositioned or nearly assaulted in them) . They asked what the whole GMO thing was about---they thought it was about pesticides (which it is---eg Monarch Bitterflys) , but its hard to explain genetic engineering, DNA, etc in 5 minutes thought its not too difficult.

I did see a spicebush butterfly  yesterday which I dont see too often nowadays.


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