Sunday, August 17, 2014

I heard some great news today (yesterday was nice too, someone has a new baby, plus i dont have to do diapers since, like Ayn Rand, grandma of ron paul if i recall corectly) apart from the nice weather in gaza (no rain!), ukraine/d, iraq and syria or Livingston Mo.

 i hear Atlantic city casinos lost 50% of their revenue the last few years---its getting boarded up (including trump's casino.   Ok, a moment of silence to WarrShip (ronald mc) Donald Trump, unless he hasn't earned it (eg Piketty's meritocracy).  Of course they are sharing the wealth---new casino opening here (or maybe its poverty of imagination).

   also someone turned me onto a nice song 'respiration' by black star on you tube (feautring common and twali kaleb)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

L.O.U.D  live at lamonts probably in pg as soon as gogo is thought to be dead it appears somewhere else