Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yesterday, the Night Before Forever

This is what happened.

1. Israeli elections. Status quo won.

2. FCC commisioner was  grilled by 'tea party' type republicans (eg buddy somebody (or nobody) from gae (paid shill), one from Maine---he says he's a business owner though perhaps that means he sells cigarettes, beer and lotto tickets from a corner store, plus healthy potato chips, and some womyn from somewhere or nowhere, over his decision on net neutrality.

3. Police picked up someone near hear for a recent homicide.

4.on and on.

5. i missed my hike so i just got a walk.

Today, the Day After Never

Today's topic is museums. I used to take classes in plant and bird identification at the Smithsonian Museum. It has a stuffed elephant there, and one has a gigantic US flag from the revolutionary war.  I also saw alot of jazz shows there in a concert hall---Mingus, Sun Ra, maybe Dollar Brand.

I was down there a couple months ago to see an exhibit on birds---statues, pictures, and then my sister and me went to see the stuffed birds of the DC area exhibit. They were quite good, but i also think I can draw. (A guard said I couldn't wear my pack, since they were worried i'd back into an exhibit; fine with me---i took it off). We also saw the elephant---still there-- and an exhibit on oocean animals.  We also had lunch from a 'food cart'---a new experience. (I actually had a couple beers in my pack from the night before so I said I'm going to take a little walk and I hid them under a bench since I didn't want to have them when going through the secuirty check at the Museum---I got through with no problem though they laughed at the condition of my backpack; I got into trouble about that with my family).

On my facebook page or there is a discussion of a museum exhibit up in NYC i think----somewhat controversial ---something about sexualized pictures of black (possibly gay) men.  Alot of exhibits.

Then there's the pictures of  ISIS people trashing the Iraqi museum. They get those rocks off their pedestals. (ISIS is also the name of an egyptian/greek godess).

And today, I hear in Tunisia (where I gather the 'arab spring began' when some small street merchant was robbed by police and then committed suicide) some sort of militant group stormed the parliament, and took some hostages to see their museum. Perhaps their movement is based on the principal that all people must learn by going to museums. Tunisia is also known for the great bebop jazz song 'night in tunisia' by Dizzie Gillespie---i saw him at the Smithsonian museum. Charlie parker and dizzie did that song as well as many others.