Saturday, March 26, 2016

Prolegmania to a New Theoretical Dogma

This erudite article is the prelude to my older article, 'Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics' which I wrote under the name Voltaire.  That article was about the enlightenment in France (which recently had a bombing, perhaps part of the enlightenment, or Robespierre's terror). In the enlightenment, people wanted to replace theocracy with rationalism---i.e. rule by reason as opposed to rule by god.  People who knew Descarte's translation of Euclid's theorems into Cartesian geometry would be the new rulers, which can measure things. They would replace those who ruled based on their knowledge of the bible, with those who have read the miss measure of Man (eg Steven Jay Gould).

Of course, the peasants would still work the fields---someone has to work the fields, and it ain't going to be me. (All I do is hunt and gather; and occassionally raid gardens).

.I wrote the prelude after i wrote the original article, because this is the way we do it around here. (see Huw Price 'future past')

I forgot the Dogma now since I'm too tired.

My motto is 'work hard' and don't procrastinate-----I have a proven solution to procrastination (or if you have ADD or lose your train of thought or move on to something else)---'if you can do it tomorrow why do it today?  (could even include dying--- a disease some people with eternal life don't catch).


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