Friday, January 13, 2017


My New Year's Resolution and Predictions.

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1. First, I predict that in 2017, it will be 2017.

My first prediction has been confirmed--so I'm both reliable and authoratative, as well as omniscient.

2. I predict that last night, there was a full moon.

As they say, 'we are the 99%'.  The moon was waning last nite, at 99% of full moon.
So my prediction has been proven false, or true within margin of error.
  [x,p]= ih_bar as they say.   (quantum mechanical commutation relations).

3. My new year's resolution will be same as last year's---'next year I plan to stop procrastinating'.

4.  I predict Trump will be s/elected president J20.  Also, that there will be alot of protestors this Friday. And supporters. There may be a free punk outside punk  rock concert J21; but it may be cancelled due to snow and freezing rain, or moved inside---usually to a church of some sort.

 J15 Rare Essence, JYB and EU will be at Howard Theater (22$); and DC Labor Choir will be at WES (35$). .

MLK Peace Walk is J16; WES  also has many events (as does Rock Creek Conservancy---cleaning trash out of the park, etc.)

5. J27 is the opposite of the full moon---I forget what that is called.

Its also the day of my appointment with a sort of mathematical economist into 'maximum entropy' methods. (He has quite a resume). I want to meet and talk with him about 2 papers---one on econophysics, the other on how information flows through the world. The book 'ideology and utopia' by K Mannheim, among others (eg Durkheim, Marx, Kropotkin, H White) also discusses this.

6. I predict the ratio  (fake news/real news) will be an irrational number between positive and negative infinity (and possibly multidimensional or convertible to any number of dimensions, like Poincare Sections).   If you expand it, one digit will predict it converges to + infinity, but next one will say 0, and next to - infinity.

As Freeman Dyson put it, the universe is infnite in all directions.

7. I predict 7 will be the 4th, 5th, or last prime number.

And that Trump will also ban any more prime numbers. 'Voluntary simplicity' (or stupidity).

8. I predict scientists (eg at Yale) can make some kinds of mice attack on demand, and do other things with other kinds of mice.

9. I predict that I went to Planet Comet last nite to see 4 punk-type bands because I listened to them on youtube and decided to check em out.  A Famous place for 'fake news stories'. 2 police cars parked across the street--i was amazed they let me in. I almost got beat up when i was coming back to my area---asked the bus driver to call the police if he saw me getting attacked. As usual, when i get home the usual small crowd is out there asking for help.

10.  I predict a 10 comes after a 9, and if 6 could be a 9 it would be,