Sunday, April 02, 2017

Peanut Butter Boy

I'm told

'every normal boy loves peanut butter, so we are making you a peanut  butter sandwich,
its healthy food and good for you.
Don't waste it either--it costs money, and we dont want to waste food'.

(I hear maybe 1/3 of all food in USA ends up in the trash,
so conscious people are trying to stop making the economy crash).
i like the peanut butter sandwich ; maybe have another one.
makes me feel great--alot of energy.
maybe some synergy---1 person + 1 sandwich >>2.

Next day, i'm sick as a dog
Want to sleep on the ground like a dead log.
Finally get up, find something to do
Maybe learn how to program in GNU

And later get a snack
A peanut butter sandwich
all expenses paid

Same thing happens again.
Energy in motion
like an absolute notion
till you can't get up
and people ask 'where you been?'

you hungry? want a peanut butter sandwich?'

 I say i don't , they taste good but make me sick

So i'm told 'you must be sick'
Every normal person loves peanut butter sandwiches
Except maybe witches, ho's and bitches
People possessed by the devil
Or mentally ill

But we can cure u.
One can get therapy
Causes synergy
The sicker you get
The more money we get.

One day when we find a cure
You can eat peanut butter all day for sure
If you don't survive , the next generation will--
so you may be more useful dead than alive.

One day it may be possible
to let you choose what to eat
'wanna try meat?'
Maybe a big Mac or Windows 10
An Apple computer
so you don't become a looter
or end up like Lor Scooter
(shot dead in the street
after a 'meet and greet'
and a little speech
at a peace rally
--similar to a food allergy ).

In 20 years if that don't work
you can try a vegetable dish
or go outside and catch a fish.

But not today
You have to pay your way
And do it my way
Since we know what is best for you
Everyone must sacrifice
even if some  lose their life

for the greater good
its group selection
a dead log has alot of wood
burn it up and win an election