Thursday, June 29, 2017

Truth, Mindfulness, and Paranoid Delusions.

In my email box I get many messages about truth and mindfulness. All through written media there are also discussions of true vs. fake news, the value of meditation and yoga and so on.

I tend to be somewhat paranoid. (And I may have a few good reasons for this---sometimes I have bad dreams and nitemares, but sometimes these can become true if you live in an area with a fairly high crime rate).

So when i hear people tell me to practice  'mindfulness' i sometimes view that as preaching 'mindlessness'---in other words, people tell you 'don't think', just be a dupe, stay passive, don't think critically, and do not criticize or bite the hand that feeds.  All criticism is negative, for example, and be thankful for any blessings you get.   Clear your mind from the clutter of ideas.

When I hear about organizations promoting the truth, and fact based reality, I wonder what they consider to be the truth , and what they consider to be facts. Most people cannot consider all the possible facts in the universe, nor can they agree on what is or may be the truth.   (A PhD economist recently was writing on how actually all of modern science is based on the Koran.)

There are 'alternate realities', alternative facts, multiverses (as opposed to universes)  , many minds and many delusions. It all can lead to  states of confusion--mentally and internationally.