Thursday, September 14, 2017


american organization of disgusting people is a grassroots, spiritually grounded organization  of disgusting people.

we are looking for a country--a people without a land for a land without a people. i think usa, europe n and s america, africa, asia and australia seem good canddidates.  antarctica already is filled up with penguins. the rest is uninhabited and civilized (same thing--oxymoron)..

dave ziron (of ISO, and its grassroots poverty stricken magazine the Nation--live in the ghettos of the upper west side NYC) is our spokesman of th minute. He's defending the right of an NFL player to not be assaulted due to racism in Las Vegas by cops---probably was racism, but somebody shot someone so who did that?  Why is anybody in Las Vegas or in he NFL anyway? Casinos, plus brain  damage.

He is suing the cops---probably on good reasons---they picked him out.  Shoodah shut down las vegas before it started.   He said when pinned down he was thinking he's not going to see his baby again. Traumatized.

Also he was crying like a baby since he wouldn't be able to spend that 28.5  million dollars in 4  years--16 million $ guaranteed.


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