Monday, October 02, 2017

Good Morning America, pt 2.

It may have made it into 40's last nite---thats good news.

I hear some 'fake news' about some shooting in las vegas.

Almost all reasonable people follow John Lott (we are disciples, its our lot --like the bible---language, ontology, topology) so we know that  'more guns, less crime'.  Lott has PhD from UCLA (likely david friedman signed off on that, son of milton, the author) and taught at Yale, U Chicago, U md, etc. Baltimore has had 268 murders this year--proves more guns less crime . WMAL DC off wisconsin ave teaches this.One of most productive businesses in Wash DC---other people are just beurocrats , making money pushing paper---people at WMAL make money--money talks, bs walks.).

They are calling this 'domestic terrorism'--killing 50 people at a country music show.

Actually as reasonable authorites  with Ivy credentials pointed  out this was a 'preventive strike'.  Most of those 'music fans' likely were planning to nuke the USA. 'Country boys will survive' (hank wms jr). Nobody checked those 'country music fans' for nuclear weapons at the door. So one had to do a preventive strike. (Most music shows require you leave your weapons outside---hide em in a trash can or something, dont mess up the fun).

WMAL is now pointing out this shooting was due to abortion, contraception, and lack of religion. Possibly some of those people were using contraception and didnt go to church and give 10% to help pay for church service for the needy---buy the preacher a BMW and vacation trip, and  pay his or her legal bills when sued for abuse.  'safe the children'.


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