Friday, November 16, 2018

Nonlinear Dynamics of Legal Change.

Confirming a Supreme Court and Climate Justice:  the Climate, Heat Islands, Hot Air, Code Red and  Code Pink

The level of informed discourse in the USA is phenomenal, partly because we have a fantastic educational system . 

I was thinking of teaching in my local public school system i went to---they have a teacher attrition rate of 30-70% in a year, and same for students. 'drop in, and drop out'. The oportunnity costs are quite cheap. When i was a good student i was absentee half the time. too dangerous. I wont even consider teaching in those schools, or maybe any others either. When i did teach (one elite place, one non elite place) students loved me but administrators, and some parents didn't.  So i just quit. Schools and universities are 50% obsolete----just places for working parents to park their kids while they do a worthless job and hang out on the town.


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