Thursday, December 13, 2018

If Ethical Culture is Unethical, is the group Effective Altruism not Altruistic, but Extremely Ineffective?

By Godel's theorem (some sort of math result   i heard of so I use it as an example for 'virtue signaling'  shows how  how intelligent and informed i am) its well know if you say or assert something, what you have done is just the opposite.

For example, 'this statement proves this statement is false'.

A group called 'ethical culture' (god bless their little souls) promotes a kind of secularist, humanist ethics.  They assert the dignity and intrinsic worth or all people.  Part of their mission is to educate people to become 'leaders' in the ethical culture movement.  A la Godel, there is an inherint contradiction in that goal.  If you think all people have intrinsic worth, then you cannot really define nor educate any leaders. There are 'no gods or masters'.  Its similar to Lake Wobegon, where 'all men are equal, and some men are more equal than others', and everyone is above average, and the sky is not cloudy all day.  (They have free range chickens there too.)

Of course Godel's theorem only applies to a small fraction  of mathematical theorems. How small? It doesn't apply to the huge number of theorems which are not self-referential or self-contradictory.

 It apples to the small set that are, as well as the vastly  larger set of theorems  outside the universe of what people have written down.   Although there are some disputes on this, some suggest that many more words, books, and theorems can be written down, as well as numbers.  So far not even the fastest computer has been able to write down the last integer or digit of pi.
  (Though perhaps some would argue they actually have that in another form called transcendent differential equations or elliptic integrals.)

If you say you are ethical, you can't be.  (Thats a form of heisenberg's uncertainty principle combined with Bell's theorem.     If you know where you are you don't know where you are going nor how fast.)

Hence people promoting effective altruism can't be.   I=PAT, V=PRN(V). 


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