Thursday, December 20, 2018

Notes to Myself: The Science and Practice of psychology

How many books on psychology are there? 

If I look around here (which I don't want to do---its a bit depressing) I can see maybe 5 , and if I move some papers or go in the back room I can probably find another 20---- none of which I bought.  I found basically all but 2 of my books (and those 2 were sort of classics on math topics, one by Hermann Weyl on 'symmetry' and art, and the other a history of Turing).

The big books  in psychology in my Universe, Interverse, or some other verse, seem to be 2 unwritten ones --the and one by a French woman (she said she's giving a talk on it today) , one by a Harvard prof Paula Joan Caplan, one by Jeremy Lent, one on auitism by F murrau in UK, Johann Hari on  lost connedtions, one by r wallace on 'computational psychiatry', and maybe some more---from the 'behaviroal genetics' side of things (ie 'you were born that way, so face up to the fact that you should kill yourself') and self-help and religious ones (same sort of thing--EVERYONE COMES INTO THE WORLD AS A BLANK SLATE EXCEPT FOR YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD, due to the original sin--you didnt pay your way into the world). 


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