Tuesday, April 06, 2021

On the Myth of The Problem of Global Warming And Its Economic Solution Derived from the Laws of Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

The Myth of the Problem of Global  Warming is a very popular myth among diverse groups of people. .

There are several variants of the myth.   One myth is its a problem, and accompanying that is  that one can  find, identify , and solve this problem.  

Hence quite  a bit of money is spent doing exploratory scientific research in which teams of experts go out and look under rocks to see if they can find an equation which states the problem.

Some say the equation doesn't exist.   (Others say if you find a smnakle then actually that is the equation which is coded into a camoflouged form.)  Or they say there is no problem because the equation if it exists is already solved.

Another variant ignores the problem and just focuses on  global warming .  Some say its not occuring and never did and never will (i favor this view for 2 treasons  having to do with time and 'entropy'0. 
    Others say it is but is natural--caused by meteors, pl;ants and dinosaurs.  
Then others say its antrhopogenic --blaming the vitim or humans.


We can solve all these using the theory of Capital as Power.  You find and buiy oil and coal and gas, burn them up , heat up the atmosphere with alot of C02, catch the C, use it to make diamond and thenn sell it for more than the oil cost. 

This is p-erfectly compatible with the law of entrop increase because it doesnt. 

Diamonds, oil, and pollution  are just different microstates.   Some are easier to use as currency commoditis than others. 

Saturday, March 06, 2021


 This algorithm assigns all people an appropriate prison sentence.


Assumptions (or Axioms) :

1.  Everyone is illegal because they are sinners.   They have the Original Sin (OS) which was given to them as a birthday present by God when they were born.

    "Welcome Sinner, you are going to Hell or --if you obey the terms of your prison sentience  to Prison and then the Parole office'.   'God loves you'. '

Hence  besides a birthday gift, they deserve a prison sentence. 
2. As they became old and ugly, grew hair on their head, then legs, face and genitals,  learned to walk and talk, read write and compute, they accumulated more sins--this is called a criminal record and some is stored using  Jill Scott Algorithm (JSA) by google.
     'watchng you'

   Hence everyone is described by a Number N. (first written down in bible).  

3.   the algorithm is F(N) = M.       M is your new number .   F is the algorithm.   


Ergodic Theory-- Coarse and Fine Grained Probabilities, Objective and Subjective

 Flip a million pennies  a million times each  (immediately---do it now--no procrastination).

 record your results.

Each sequence is a unique individual and life..   

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? THE POLLUTED ECOLOGIES OF HYSTERIAS: Economics, Politics, and Media Identities : Degrowth, Steady States , Socialism, Anarchism, Democracy ...

All of the 'progressive' and 'social change' groups I've been in or  see on Facebook are like a semi-trashed wilderness area. 

You go in the wilderness area and you see spectacularily beautiful  big old trees, rock cliffs, creeks, some fish and animals.

The you also see piles of trash, abandoned vehicles and washing machines, broken bottles, dying plants and animals , and oil slicks in the polluted creek.

Progressive groups are like this---they usually are for peace, justice, ecology, participatory democracy, toleration, and simplicity.

But then it all breaks down into singal issues and identity politics. 

MIT, Systems Science, Complexity Theory

 Haslanger and MIT    

degrowth  and aaas entropy

wallis roth and systems ipa 

borsboom kendler boomsma 

 network hsu chow bg   

 jack cowan l kauffman 

 caramello ehresmann   chomsky 

glass bead game 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

On James Randi, the Paranormal, Brian Josephson and How to Bend a Spoon and Curve Space to Create Matter with your own Mind

The famous magician James Randi recently died.

Some referred to him as Rambo, or Randy --his side job was to defend science and scientific rationalism.      
He got his science and rationalism possibly on the shelf from Walmart before it was looted.  

He claimed that things like 'life after death' or 'rising from the dead' do not exist--and even made a challenge of 1 million $ to anyone who can prove these occur scientifically ---with objective obesrvers and peer review. 

I have recently done this--its on a zoom video.  I died and then rose from the dead. Its all on Zoom and hence peer reviewed---there is no way to falsify that.  Millions of people observed this in a laboratory controlled experiment. 

First I self immolated, was creamated, buried in a casket underground and then under strict lab conditions was observed to rise from the dead. 

Now I have 3 seats on the Supreme Court or SCOTUS (i was ressurected as a female catholic law profesSir ).

 One seat I sit on is  my judge's seat, one is a toilet, and the 3rd is my observer seat for observation fair administration of the  the death penalty --- mostly administered to certified heretics, atheists, agnostics, abortionists, deviants, and  unpopular scientists.  

Randi from heaven or hell still hasn't given me my 1 million $ prize. 

Maybe I'll have to send out a collection agency.   

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Notes on Ecological Economics: Brian Czech's 'Trophic Theory of Money', Degrowth, Green Growth and More.

This note will mainly point out the equivalence of many different theories or terms used by different people writing on economics , and also point out a few areas where they they have vague definitions
which lead to confusion, and also where many of them are basically incomplete and innapplicable to real ecological economic systems.

 Brian Czech, of 'steady state economics' who advocates a 'tropic theory of money' (TTM).

TTM is basically equivalent formally to Marx's Labor theory of Value (LTV), and both are variants of various 'energy theories of value' such as 'embodied energy' (used by people who account for energy use in society) ,  'exergy' (used by R Ayres)   

How many people use different terms for the same theory? Many. 

labor theory of value

trophic level


embodied energy

Income and wealth as proxies for trophic level

MMT (modern monetary theory), 'econophysics', 'negative probability', SED.   more equivalents.   

'Green growth ' can mean two things----it can mean the form due to H Daly which measures growth using an indicator called ISEW (see Wikipedia) , which is related to others such GPI, GNH, GSP, etc---or more usually refers to hi-tech developmnt  which increases GDP but is less reosurce intensive than low tech versions. 

   The standard formalization of this is the 'environmental Kuznets curve'. 

Some people (eg Nordhaus, grad students at Columbia who had some association wuith Stuiglitz, et.c) spend alot of time with some medium technically difficulty math calculating the 'discount factor'---eg can I put off the end of my life or the end of the world say 5 more days by not buying 2 beer at the local bar?  If I buy just one do i get 10 more days?  

Carbon and resource taxes, income, negative income and wealth taxes, tobin taxes, pigou taxes , are more redundant terms. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Friday, June 19, 2020

Neuroscience, Social Structure and Mental Health

For the first time in History these 3 terms  occured in the the same title.    Herstory may have a different version.  (see Big Sean 'bird brain'---'i don't give a  number or letter about you'. 

Related :

J . Cowan     https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.13004 


Paul Erdos (graph theorist and meth addict)

empathy.guru    (blogger, engineer, empathy and duffing's equation)   

psychedelic society ----  form factor

medium ----hopfield:  shallow and deep valleys  and  flat earths

entropic brain   carhart-hass david nutt

     friston ?  free energy/entropy functional 

    2014 frontiers in human neuroscience

grinspoon, psychedelics, cannabis,  crackspoons and SETIs  

Keep Your Eyes Wide Shut On the Price

Double Blind
Sex Harrassement

https://en.wikipedia.org./wiki/Jane_Elliot   grandfather of TS Eliot and Ezra Pound who also starred in Shirley Jacson's cute movie  'the lottery' (where to celebrate the planting season on the farm, she was stoned to death ). 

Shoveler Ducks and Luna Moths made guest appearences.  

The Stupidity That Stupidity Produced

www.intelligencesquaredus.org     (IQ)^2 = S = Stupidity.   S =Z^(-1/2)   S/Z =69.   9=6^-1.   

A minute of mindlessness + 2 minutes of hate = A Partnership Economy beyond Socialism, Capitalism, CLR James and the Jacobins.  rianeeisler.com

 (Add a few 'bernie bro's ' for a special sauce.  Add some chalice and blades and you get the Carmel Sauce for your ice cream man down at Big Sur.)


COVID 19 just turned 20!!! 'happy birthday to you!'

Monday, June 15, 2020

Economic Roundup

1. Economics of media. 

 How many books do we need, should be read, should be written, and how much they cost, how much pay for writing them?

I sometimes think there are way too many people writing books  rather than reading them.  Its an industry and encouraged---eg by Amazon.    How many have value? Probably less than thought. Though some people write for entertainment.     

  Ditto for the other media--blogs, radio, TV, Movies.... 

2. Mindfullnesss. 

A claim on sputnik radio was that studies show people spend half their time thinking the future and past rather than what they should be doing at the present time.

   The implication was this is not a valuable use of time.   

    I wonder if this includes taking history classes or writing history books. 

3. Are Pareto laws universal (80/20 law) ?    What does imply for the Gini coefficient?  How does the Hoover or robin hood index distribution compare?

80-% of Covid cases in Hong Kong were due to 20% of the people.

Matthew Scott of Sandford economics disusses related ideas for political power.    gini gioes from zero to 1 so its no 80/20 law.


1. Get a cassette to digital converter

2. get a valid id. 

3. get my free health card. or find the one the one someone says they have which they found downtown. 

4. do the next infnity of things.  maybe try to pay a bill before i get shut down,.